Who dares to call Wang Luodan “aunt”? Wearing a black dress is mature and delicate, and the figure is not inferior to the little girl

For light mature women, choosing a black outfit can make them show more

Elegant and sedated

One side, presented

Full of high-class feeling

, and this time

Wang Luodan

I picked one

Black dress with dark V

to match, high waist plus

The design of the large skirt

, which allows her to present perfectly in minutes

body curve,

It can also hide the inadequacy.

Dressing tips in this issue:

1. Very feminine deep V shape

Second, highlight the waist design of the figure

3. Attractive outfit with both aura and fashion

Who dares to call Wang Luodan “aunt”? Wearing a black dress is mature and delicate, the figure is not inferior to the little girl, and the deep V shape that can show off the line of our shoulders and neck can make you look even more

Feminine and colorful

, very feminine, it can not only make your neck appear more slender but also highlight your perfect chest curve, which will make your career line loom, as long as everyone grasps the scale will not be too exaggerated, but also appear

Very sexy.

When choosing a long dress, we should pay special attention to highlighting ourselves

body advantage,

If your waist is relatively slender, then you may wish to choose a waist shape like Wang Luodan to match, which will make the black fabric fit your skin tightly and not only highlight you

Small man’s waist

, and can bring you outstanding

Slimming effect

, plus a high-waisted shape can help you

Raise the waist line and lengthen the leg line

to make the overall look more tall and stylish.

I don’t know if you usually like to choose items that can highlight femininity like Wang Luodan? You can also learn more about Wang Luodan’s daily collocation, after all, her outfit is still very stylish, which is worth learning.

(1) Wear a suit

In professional life, everyone can naturally consider using suits to match! This not only highlights you

Powerful aura

, and can make your back appear more upright, making the overall look more protruding

Simple and capable

, we can choose to bring with

Sequin design suit,

This will give you a more sparkling look, which may be a little exaggerated in everyday life, but it will make you more eye-catching in formal occasions, or you can also consider choosing a suit with a pure white look.

Simple atmosphere

, plus shoulder pads can broaden your shoulder line.

(2) Black and white modeling

Usually, when we dress, we don’t need to choose too fancy colors in terms of color matching, and we can consider using simple

Black and white

To make a match, you can choose

White jumpsuit

, plus a dot

Ruffle shape

, plus a short black coat, this will not only do

Highlight the aura

, and can also make your outfit more important


Little sisters who want to make themselves look more gentle can try to match with a black dress, choose a looser design, which will not be too demanding for your figure, and we can also add some letters to the skirt to embellish, and match another one

White suit

, which will make your outfit ready

Feminine breath

, without losing a powerful aura.

(3) Proper skin exposure

Summer is coming, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, so you may wish to add some when wearing dresses

Skin-revealing design

, which highlights your skin lines and brings you to you

Cool feeling

, you can choose slim ones

White dress

, incorporating an off-the-shoulder design at the shoulder to create a more one

And this will also allow you to show off your perfect shoulder and neck line, making you more feminine.

Or we can choose

Dress with sleeveless styling

, add a stitching design to the position of the abdomen, so that you can form a white and black shape, making your outfit more stylish.

(4) Simple workplace style

Pick some

Simple and stylish

For example, you can choose a white short-sleeved suit on the upper body, and a white pleated skirt on the lower body.

Gentle and flowy

It also has a stylish charm.

With slim ones

Black top

It’s also nice to match, with a softer fabric spliced at the cuffs and a bit of puff sleeve feeling, which will define your shoulder line and add a few points

Sweet breath.

Everyone has their own views on fashion, I believe you will also have your own matching tips, hurry up to share with us in the comment area, follow me, let’s get more and more fashionable together!

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1. Very feminine deep V shape

Second, highlight the waist design of the figure

3. Attractive outfit with both aura and fashion

Cool feeling