Small accessories also have a big plan, the tying and matching of spring scarves, have you learned?

This year, with the arrival of retro style, every season there are very old pieces suddenly active in the fashion industry. This spring, street photographers have set off a wave of silk scarf matching, and all kinds of silk scarves have become a bit of a careful decoration in the hands of fashionistas.

The cool season needs a silk scarf as a tool for concave shape, so what clothes to match to highlight the temperament? Next, let’s take you to find the matching and tying of silk scarves!


The gloomy spring requires a fresh and natural printed dress for everyday wear, this one-neck printed dress is based on dark blue as the main color, and the design of the skirt folding is very elegant and stylish. A black and white striped silk scarf wrapped around the middle of the neck as a match further sets off the charm of this printed dress, and fairies can also try it.


The classic check style is a popular element in all seasons, whether it is shirts or pants, there is a British retro style. This set of checked suit shorts + checked vest is very handsome and casual, with a chiffon undershirt highlighting the femininity of women, and a long silk scarf is slightly wrapped around the neck to make the overall matching layer richer.


This blazer uses a very personal red as the base color, the white print makes it elegant and atmospheric, with a silk scarf of the same color and print tied in the middle of the neck, and a bow on one side, the retro and personalized shape was born.


This black velvet shirt and red and green print are more elegant and vintage, paired with a thin straight jeans, full of casual style is eye-catching, and with a silk scarf with the same color and pattern as the shirt, a bow is placed on the chest, and the most beautiful elements of spring are included.


This dress that looks like denim fabric is very feminine Oh, the round neckline and waist design show the beauty of women, the light blue dress uses a dark blue printed silk scarf as a further decoration, the overall matching is indeed more fashionable, as long as a little careful machine accessories can attract people’s attention, fairies have learned?


Who said silk scarves can only be tied around the neck? As a universal accessory it is omnipotent Oh, handsome casual jeans and shirts are not unusual, the most creative way to wear is to use a scarf instead of a belt pinned to the jeans, the print of the scarf also makes the jeans more fashionable, very creative scarf tying Oh!


Silk scarves can not only replace belts, if you happen to not use belts that day, and wear very fresh and casual, using silk scarves as a headscarf is also a good choice Oh, adding a lot of points to your look.

There are actually many ways to tie and match silk scarves, what else can you think of the use of silk scarves? You can secretly tell the editor Oh, use silk scarves in spring to wear fashion and personality, the little fairies are not ready to try it?