Domestic 19-style starry sky camouflage clothing large-scale distribution? Tens of millions of pieces were purchased, and there were millions of pairs of combat boots

The domestic Type 19 starry sky camouflage is another major improvement in individual equipment in recent years, and the new camouflage uniform design is close to the world’s advanced individual equipment, which is eye-catching in terms of performance and appearance. After being unveiled at a major event, the Type 19 camouflage uniform also quickly attracted the attention of military fans. When many military fans read the report, they will first see whether a certain film has changed into starry sky camouflage. In fact, with the domestic textile and garment manufacturing capacity, the popularization of the Type 19 starry sky camouflage is still very simple, recently we have seen a large number of equipment cooperated, the purchase quantity is even as high as 10 million.

According to social media reports, we have seen the relevant information disclosed by the military procurement network shows that the Type 19 starry sky camouflage and combat boots began to prepare for large-scale distribution, of which the purchase volume of training uniforms is 20.71 million, the estimated amount is 7.2 billion yuan, and the average training uniform is about 350 yuan.

In addition, 3.83 million pairs of combat boots will be purchased, which will be delivered in batches from February 2022. Previously, many front-line troops had changed into new uniforms, and the more obvious one was the change of clothes of the western border guards. Of course, now the Type 19 starry sky camouflage has also begun to be distributed on a large scale throughout the army, which is very large and considerable in terms of quantity, which is also a very rare scene in the world’s camouflage army assembly and distribution. Of course, some military fans will ask why tens of millions of pieces were distributed. In fact, what is to live here is that even if everyone is in addition to regular clothes, camouflage clothing is also divided into seasons, especially in areas where the situation is complex and changeable, and there will be multiple sets of clothing to adapt to different seasons.

It is also worth noting that the number of combat boots this time is also very large, estimated to reach one million pairs. In fact, in the harsh terrain environment, the wear and tear of combat boots is more serious than clothing. After this large-scale change of the 19-style camouflage whole army, you should see a large number of starry sky camouflage in various reports in the future, which will also become the standard camouflage of domestic army soldiers in the future. Of course, the cost of this rearmament is also a lot, billions if used to buy 99A tanks, may be able to equip several brigades, you must know that many regiments are still using five pairs of wheels. Some special training uniforms are more expensive, using high-grade flame-retardant fabrics, but the number is even smaller.

Due to the large number of domestic troops, even without considering the cost, in fact, changing any equipment is a large project, and it takes a long-term process to complete. This 19-style starry sky camouflage actually went through a large number of trial processes, and then after summary and modification, this large-scale distribution finally appeared, which actually shows that the Type 19 starry sky camouflage is still quite successful.

Of course, in addition to the basic equipment such as starry sky camouflage, there are still many equipment that domestic individual soldiers need to popularize, such as advanced night vision goggle equipment, which the West has used to the third generation. There are also better and lighter carryovers, bulletproof inserts, new bulletproof helmets, etc. Some of these equipment already have mature models, and some are still being tested, of course, if it is popularized, it takes a process, or that sentence after all, there are many people.

Overall, the large-scale distribution of the Type 19 Star Camouflage and its related accessories is costly, but the benefits are also immeasurable. For a long time to come, the Type 19 starry sky camouflage will become the most personal equipment for soldiers, and it will also be a new image of domestic military forces. What’s more, individual camouflage itself is part of combat effectiveness, and only by slowly strengthening from the most basic individual equipment can it eventually continue to catch up with and surpass the West, which is also the only way for the development of military forces.