The temperament goddess is inseparable from the “coat” in autumn, and the short and long styles are easy to control and wear a sense of fashion

The weather is getting cooler, and we need to choose some coats when dressing to shape our own unique style and play a certain role in keeping warm. Choosing a coat that suits you can not only make the overall look more fashionable, but also enhance your temperament to a great extent.

Mid-length coat

Mid-length coats are especially suitable for some petite female friends, because when the weather is cold, we must choose some longer styles of clothing to keep warm.

At this time, if you choose some longer clothes, it will visually make us look more sloppy, so the mid-length coat is especially friendly to small women.

What kind of bottoms to match with the coat is a very worrying problem for many female friends, such as a shorter top and a fur coat is especially suitable for some half-length skirts.

The black long skirt has a split design with a skirt, and with black boots or brown boots, the whole looks like a goddess.

The black jacket is more suitable for female friends to choose when they go out on the street, which is both fashionable and trendy.

Such a jacket is designed in the style of a suit, whether it is paired with wide-legged leather pants or flared pants, and the black style makes the whole person look more cool and moving.

Autumn is especially suitable for wearing some gray and brown clothing, and the gray plaid suit jacket and the brown coat bring us a strong visual warmth.

The combination of a brown suit and black high-waisted leather pants can not only improve the waist level of the whole person, but also give us a proper visual sense of a working woman when matched with this square bag. The knitted light color long skirt will not only make the whole person more slender, but also bring us a ladylike feeling.

The suit with a cuffed waist is a fairly thin garment, and through this design, we can not only make the overall leg line more slender, but also make the whole person’s upper body more slender.

The dark brown suit paired with the light-colored suit bottoms also gave us a British style. The split bottoms adjust the overall formal atmosphere and make the whole person look more stylish.

2. Long coats

The long coat is especially suitable for some tall female friends, as long as you wear this coat, the whole person’s temperament is immediately raised to the level of a goddess. Choosing different styles for ourselves to wear for different occasions can help us better express our personal charm and temperament.

This kind of coat must be a must-have item for many tall female friends in autumn, and the simple design gives the whole a generous and fashionable feeling.

The coats are designed with a belt design around the waist, this embellishment will make the whole person look more classy, wearing such a costume with black sunglasses and brown boots, the whole person is a proper goddess.

Light gray coats are a good choice to complement your skin, and most of these coats are not cumbersome, and the simple two-breasted buttons will make the whole person look more high-end.

This trench coat can be paired not only with harem pants, but also with some wide-leg pants with a strong sense of drape to create an elegant and high-profile image.

Black coats will generally make the whole person look more cold and noble, and these black coats, no matter with any color base, are no problem.

This versatile jacket is very suitable for female friends with different needs, it can not only give us the coolness of women in the workplace, but also create the beauty of British street fashion.

The light blue trench coat with silk scarf and black slim trousers makes the whole person look very spiritual, and the light-colored coat can especially catch the attention of passers-by.

The temperament goddess can not do without the “coat” in autumn, and both short and long styles can be easily controlled and worn in a good-looking shape.