Handmade cotton baby clothes tutorial, clothes made of warm cotton are comfortable for babies to wear

Make a cotton coat for your baby in winter, but it’s all handmade with cotton~

The paper pattern is cut first, and the ordinary newspaper is folded in half and then folded in half.

Sketch with collar and sleeves close to the whole side. Length 28-30cm, chest circumference 56-60cm, sleeve length 25-27cm, sleeve width 8-9cm, collar width 8cm, back neckline depth 1.5cm, front neckline depth 3cm

Open and that’s it.

Cut along a drawing line under the collar socket, and the placket will appear, and cut a small piece of paper to cover the placket underneath

After cutting it, you have the feeling of clothes.

This method is very simple, it was invented by our Chinese, and our ancestors were very smart ~~

Draw lines on cotton flannel according to the paper pattern.

Cut it down, 2 pieces are required.

Then the two pieces coincide (facing each other) and stitch the perimeter and the placket with a sewing machine.

Just a little cotton.

Cotton is spread flat on the pieces.

Turn from the unstitched place under the armpit to the front.

Hand needle quilting, fixing cotton.

Finally, the armpit part is sutured, four pieces, and only the lower 3 pieces are sutured, leaving one final reverse seam to cover the front seam marks.

This technique is called “killing”.

It’s done, so moms with babies can try it too!