Embarrassing, shameful and funny! What anti-routine passwords are used correctly in this romance?

“My Babylon Lover”, a strange play that looks shameful and embarrassing at first glance, but the more you watch it, the more interesting it gets.

The epidermis is the laugh point of fantasy paper and real life, the skeleton is the retrospective gaze longing for innocence, and the core is the affectionate story.

Although there are many slots, the sparkle is also obvious.

Embarrassed and funny, shameful and affectionate.

First, the support of rich laughter.

To some extent, most of the sources of laughter in the early stage of “My Babylon Lover” are similar in nature to the theme of time-travel; Not better in the fresh first, while

Win with a “type difference” style of play

Recently, romance dramas have become more and more homogenized, focusing on the “sand sculpture sweet drama” route, “My Babylon Lover”

Different dimensional setting structures are activated to drive laughter from richer dimensions.

1. Dimensional wall differences.

Whether it is modern people selling fashionable ideas in ancient times, or ancient Babylonian princes holding swords to cut down TVs and mobile phones in modern times,

The source of laughter is the difference in everyday forms between two different value systems

The first episode of the play is the large-scale rollover scene of “The Prince”.

For example, the relationship between the Nine Heavenly Dragon Girl and Duan Shuiliu in the play is also very interesting.

A noble person with the ability to call the wind and rain, but does not remember the past, and is not familiar with the laws of survival in this world.

A man who knows the way of worldly life, although he has no heavenly skills, but has flesh and blood.

Duan Shuiliu’s message to the Nine Heavenly Dragon Girl looks like this: The people sitting in the long car (bus), those of us who walk, are all free and can talk at any time. Those who sit in the cart in the dark, see nothing, are slaves! People who wear what L, V, ah are very poor, and they put their marks on their bodies, for fear that others will not know that they have no money.

The stupid beauty Nine Heavenly Dragon Girl, who knows nothing about the truth, believes it!

This content is funny, first of all, it is a serious nonsense, and it can actually be formed

Logical closed loop

followed by the distinctive personalities of the characters: Duan Shuiliu, who is slippery, sees people and talks about ghosts, and the naïve and simple Nine Heavenly Dragon Girl;

The third is the phenomenon of rich and poor, luxury brands

Made a quiet irony and dissolution

This story line is probably not fundamentally different from “me and my alien/ancient/otherworldly goddess”, and the character relationship itself is not new, but the texture is fresh and funny.

2. A sense of the times.

The male protagonist in “My Babylon Lover” is called Murong Jielun, and the male number two (who is also the best friend of the male protagonist) is called Ouyang Wenshan.

The heroine’s love rival (fake) is called the Nine Heavenly Dragon Girl.

Every name is so embarrassing that people pick out a villa in place.

However, when these names appear in the right way in the play, it is very hilarious instead.

These characters come from a novel written by the heroine Chen Meiru (played by Bu Guanjin) when she was twelve years old, although she has the feeling of a song girl, but the traces of the content are also obvious.

Chen Meiru heard the story of ancient Babylon in the exhibition, plus the popular Jaylun and Wen Shan at that time “the ancient Babylonian king promulgated the Code of Hammurabi”, plus the handsome minority boy in the class (mistaken by her for a mixed race), there was the prince Murong Jielun.

The play uses the perspective of looking back at girlhood as an adult, and this untimely embarrassment has become a cute feature and a laughing point.

Vaguely evoked distant memories: the plausible likes of twitter when I was a child were vividly “revived”.

3. A sense of place.

There are not many scenes of the security guards in Wushan Mountain Area in the play, but they can poke jokes every time they go online.

Together with their second aunt with complicated perceptions, and the second uncle who could not see the end of the dragon, they formed a single one

A hometown with a very down-to-earth painting style.

Whether it is comparing the cold unit where Chen Meiru worked as an adult, or comparing the painting style of Murong Jilun, Ouyang Wenshan, and Jiutianlongnu,

This Sichuan-Chongqing dialect flavor is very landed and cute.

For example, the Nine Heavenly Dragon Girl in the love rival stage rushed to his date with Chen Meiru before Murong Jielun and met Chen Meiru, and the two clashed and entangled in the tent.

The security guards of the scenic spot who did not know the truth were shocked: this female doll can play well!

The dragon girl hated the house and Wu hated Chen Meiru’s second aunt, raised her hand to call the wind and rain, but the second aunt naturally put the vegetable basket on her raised arm: This child is quite sensible!

Rather than saying that these characters just have different accents (the second aunt speaks Mandarin),

Rather, they represent a more comfortable, more life-like, and less “romance drama” perspective, and whenever this perspective is used to unlock classic romance routines, unexpected dissolving jokes will be presented.

(Although the name Chen Meiru does not sound like Sichuan and Chongqing, good guy, this one is called Meiru in the script planning).

A very interesting meme in the story is “going to Wushan together when the love is strong”; The girl Chen Meiru wrote such a sentence in her diary when she was ignorant, a vague and normal description, but she was suppressed and laughed at for many years.

After adulthood, once the male and female protagonists are intimate, they will teleport in space and instantly transfer from any location to Wushan in geographical location because of this description in the diary.

If there is no glimpse of the emotional relationship between the flesh and the love and lust in the play, this is just a simple homophonic meme;

But on the premise that the play talks about this, this joke has a particularly different value

Of course, the real attraction of “My Babylon Lover” is not limited to laughter, the play has the most important core of romance drama: love, the yearning for beautiful emotions.

Love does not ask about the high and low things outside the body, and the love does not know what to do and goes deep, and it is thrilling and shocking to the world.

The thought of fireworks can even create an entire world

Second, the emotional context of sincerity and landing.

The first episode of “My Babylon Lover” is an awkward and funny rollover scene, but the second episode quickly cuts into the early past and makes people feel a heart.

Chen Meiru, a diary of fantasy love, was caught by the head teacher (who is also the second aunt).

The second aunt asked her to read her diary in public and reprimanded her for not doing her job to “write small yellow texts”.

The classmates laughed: Prince Murong was blind, not loving the beautiful Nine Heavens Dragon Girl, but loving the ordinary Chen Meiru.

Whether it is this seemingly unsuitable love, or it seems that it should not appear in the traditional context of “going to Wushan when the love is strong”, after being made public in this way, the girl Chen Meiru could not raise her head.

I can’t empathize with the cookie-cutter “the domineering prince is here again” romance story, but I can empathize with the common situation that ordinary girls have a yearning for love, and this yearning is not recognized in a certain period of time

Although most people do not have such an exaggerated experience as Chen Meiru, the general state behind this point (teachers do not approve of little girls in the school stage fantasize about love),

Instantly, the extremely abstract, routine, and unreal emotions in the story have a concrete, vivid, and real landing point.

If the beginning of the play shows humorous jokes, then it continues to discuss “whether love is worthy of qualifications, and whether the yearning for love can be labeled as erotica at will”.

It’s a little regrettable that

Since then, the play has dealt with this point very compromised

Girls’ Generation is the “ultimate villain”, the monster-style rigid master second aunt who appears simply and rudely and stifles the girl’s beautiful fantasy, but many years later appears as “fierce in appearance and gentle and cute in heart”.

Over the years, I have been afraid that my words will hurt you badly, and my attitude towards her boyfriend and girlfriend (who is actually a love rival and mistaken for a girlfriend) is also very interesting.

In a way,

When faced with the word “girl’s fantasy”, the play bravely unveils the cruel phenomenon of its suppression and stigmatization, and then he makes hasty peace, only telling the attitude of the elders towards the adult Chen Meiru’s marriage


Reconciliation is somewhat misplaced in a sense

(In adulthood, even if you don’t want to get married, you will be urged to get married), and the question of “how to face the fantasy of girls with a strict utilitarian evaluation system” in the play is gradually quietly invisible.

(Maybe the play just doesn’t dare to film, can’t film, the second aunt’s attitude towards the new little girls has changed greatly)

The core root problem disappeared in disguise halfway, which undoubtedly weakened the strength of the work; But for romance dramas, being able to mention issues is already a big step in itself.

More importantly, after such a toss, the emotions of the male and female protagonists in the play also show a unique texture that is different from the current works of the same period.

Romance dramas have a large demand, high output, and a high degree of homogenization, and they change soup all year round without changing medicines, only updating their words and packaging, and are essentially selling industrial saccharin and artificial arsenic that are not very good.

The three couples in “My Babylon Lover” are actually difficult to escape the framework of the routine.

But the play sets the meta-difference premise of “the paper man from the diary”, and sets the shadow of the past of “being humiliated, hurt, deprived of daring to fantasize about love”,

Let the play flip out a more complex structural possibility, and also make the characters’ emotions more delicate.

Chen Meiru, played by Bu Guanjin, read a long sentence after discovering the truth of the diary and finally determining her heart.

What a five-cent literary and artistic style that is easy to attract dislike, but that face, that person, and that emotional expression are very moving.

She is certainly not a shocking beauty type, but her match with this type of character is too high; Under the light of a specific girl’s heart, she is beautiful to the point of glowing.

Similarly, the stupid beauty Dragon Dragon is also cute, unilaterally announcing that this is the cutest one in the romance drama “Love Rival Supporting Actress”.

Shoot cute actresses with emotional blessings, and beautiful actresses with pleasing personalities, the actors have great potential, and the crew is also very good at discovering and shaping;

The girlfriend played by Zhu Yan Manzi, this emotional line is relatively the most routine and conventional, but her vividness is also far beyond the same type of works.

Male No. 1 and Male No. 2 are very tool-man most of the time, but in the context of the paper man, the tool-man phenomenon seems to be explainable.

The “return to ancient Babylon, blood moon is put on the agenda” and the breakup and sadistic CP drama at the beginning of episodes 17 and 18 seem to be very routine and have no delicate emotional fulcrum.

Although there are many slots and shortcomings in the play, watching “My Babylon Lover” under the framework of romance dramas and on the average line of similar plays, whether it is the brain hole of the diary paper person coming true, or the sincerity and delicacy of facing emotional love, it is rare and precious.

We look forward to more and more My Babylon Lover,

I don’t hope that all the filmmakers will draw the gourd to make Oriental Jay and Ximen Wenshan, but I look forward to more unexpected cute and genuine works about “love”.