Beautiful street photography: beautiful and cute little sister, gray leggings with boots, goddess style

The little sister’s dress is gentle temperament looks full of high-end, the top chooses a short blue-gray plush jacket, with gray leggings and boots, beautiful to the heart, how to wear leggings out of the sense of premium, you have to match like the little sister, the accessories are very eye-catching, matcha green polka-dot tie enhances the overall style of wearing, very ingenious! To tell the truth, the girl has a tall appearance and a good figure, and she looks good in whatever she wears.

It is a very fresh and bright outfit, and the rate of turning back when walking on the street is quite high. The beauty top is a classic versatile high-neck red thick line sweater, the visual effect is particularly fresh and bright, the bottom with white straight pants, the combination of red and white looks extremely comfortable and eye-catching, and with a pair of classic pullback shoes, casual and sweet with a little casual, so that people can wear a heartwarming outfit.

Bright winter colors, vibrant outfits always make people want to see more, dark blue knitted sweater, with a purple down jacket, fresh and elegant colors look so comfortable, the mood is beautiful, the bottom with the printed pattern trousers, with white boots together, full of personality, such a fashionable and beautiful outfit, it is difficult to think about it.

Dress and match each city has its own style, photograph different cities to understand the cultural style of different cities!

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