Autumn and winter gentlemen’s outfits revealed, and the carved leather shoes you’ve been looking for that are both classic and comfortable are among them!

This year’s two popular movies “Ace Agent” and “007: Spectre” let us see the charm of suits again. Indeed, a tailor-made British suit can set off an extraordinary temperament, but if we attend a very formal occasion in life, a serious British suit will inevitably look too old.

At this time, you may wish to choose a more casual but still gentlemanly suit! Carefully study the outfit of Business Casual, and find that there is really a lot of knowledge, from blazers to shoes and socks, there are many small eyebrow corners, let’s take a good look at this time!


If you are a new human being who has just entered the workplace and are required to wear semi-formal clothes to work every day, there are three styles that can be considered basic and can be combined with the items in the wardrobe for spring, summer, autumn and winter, namely a dark blue cotton blazer, a gray tweed blazer and a camel blazer.

The dark blue blazer is a classic, it can be said that the first color that comes to mind when thinking of a blazer, whether it is a formal suit or a casual suit, as a man, you definitely need it.

On the cool morning of autumn and winter, a gray tweed blazer is the perfect match, with a fur hat or scarf and a knitted sweater underneath, stylish and warm.

This year’s popular camel coat of course also has to have one, although for many people may be more difficult to control, with an old pedantic sense of camel style, such a blazer with the taste of a traditional British gentleman, but with some accessories can also become interesting, choose to pay attention to the cut of the waist line, because the relationship of the fabric is easy to show fat.

Tips: When buying a blazer, you must try it on, although it must fit, but the armpits should not be too jammed, and there must be enough space for the hands to move, so as to avoid the embarrassment of the suit bursting when there is a big movement.

Knitted sweater

For autumn and winter, knitted sweaters are really an indispensable item! Between the shirt and the coat, adding a sweater or knitwear is visually layered and preppy and looks younger than just a shirt and blazer.

But when choosing a knitted sweater, you should first pay attention to the thickness, it must be put on the outside of the shirt, but you can’t make the blazer very tight, and then pay attention to the color, don’t choose too bright or have too many totem styles, and finally the length of the sweater should not be too long.

In addition to the V-neck style, the cardigan sweater is also an option, usually the first button is not buttoned, and the two buttons below are not buttoned, which is more able to modify the figure.


For the lower body, dark jeans are a good choice, and in the choice of jeans, you can choose a slim cut, but don’t wear tight pants! If you can’t wear jeans, you can replace them with dark blue uniform-like pants, which have the same effect as jeans.


For the shoes, the first thing that comes to mind when wearing formal clothes is leather shoes. In the business casual outfit, leather shoes are a necessity, if you want to pursue comfort and gentlemanly style, the first choice is, of course

Cole Haan

La~ I believe that boys who know a little about Cole Haan or wear it should be quite satisfied with its comfort! (Running marathons in it is no problem!) )

Founded in 1928, Cole Haan sold clothing, belts and bags in addition to shoes, and the brand grew steadily until it was acquired by Nike in 1988. Nike used their sports technology combined with Cole Haan’s own leather shoe manufacturing process to create the “Cole Haan LunarGrand” series that combines a sports sole and gentleman’s leather shoes, which caused a global sensation.

Famous director Spike Lee is a fan of Cole Haan LunarGrand, whether attending major occasions or watching his favorite New York Knicks game, he will see him wear Cole Haan LunarGrand shoes.

Spike Lee

High-end, classic, technological and gentlemanly style makes it popular with hipsters and celebrities of all kinds. Manhattan social stars Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl, famous street photographer Scott Schuman and others are its fans!

Scott Schuman

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

Cole Haan is headquartered in Yarmouth, Maine, and its design center is located in New York. The company’s flagship stores are located in several cities in the United States and Tokyo, Japan. presently

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