More than a classic More than history BMW R18 real shot

In this year’s Beijing Auto Show, BMW in Hall W4 booth W405, brought its largest displacement boxer engine motorcycle – R18, although this new car was officially pre-sold as early as July this year and landed in the domestic market, but the first limited edition of 18 units has long been sold out, this auto show also allows the audience to see this legendary and historical and cultural accumulation of “German” cruise car again. Since the unveiling of the Concept R18 concept car, it and the RnineT also from the successor series can be said to present two completely different styles, it pays tribute to the 1936 BMW R5 design intention is very obvious, after the birth of the production car R18, in addition to inheriting the design concept of Concept R18 and pursuing historical classics, but also introduced BMW’s proud rich electronic control system, so that it is more in line with the driving control needs of current consumers.

R18 integrates the iconic design of the classic R32 and R5, and obtains the favor of consumers who pursue pure mechanical sense with the most classic and pure appearance, so that R18 does not care how many modern elements are integrated, but while maintaining the current consumer riding needs as much as possible, it ensures the continuation of the classic to the greatest extent, so that consumers can also feel the unique history and culture of BMW motorcycles when buying R18.

In terms of body size, the length of R18 has reached an astonishing 2440mm, which has exceeded BMW’s other flagship model K1600GT, thanks to the advantage of long trailing distance, its wheelbase has also been expanded to 1731mm, this data also allows it to enter the threshold of flagship cruise cars, in addition to the impact of size, the curb weight of R18 has reached 345kg, for this reason, BMW designers also matched it with auxiliary reverse gear.

The full LED headlights are one of the few places on the R18 that can reflect modern elements, and the strip daytime running lights in the center of the headlights are combined with the BMW embossed logo, which shows the texture of the whole car.

The turn signals set under the handlebars also use LED light sources, which is also the mainstream design style of today’s retro cruise cars.

The short-cut post-metal mud tiles are not too retouched, of course, this is also inherited from the classic R series design elements, with the unique stripes of the Genesis Edition’s color scheme, as if the classics of the last century have resurfaced.

At present, the R18 is a single-seat design, and the saddle seat cushion with the BMW embossed logo also enhances the overall texture, and the hard link with the frame also has a touch of “hard tail” style.

The teardrop-shaped fuel tank with chrome and striped decoration enhances the style, and the large capacity of the 16L also meets the basic riding needs of the R18, and it must be very pleasant to ride it for a short trip against the background of blue sky and white clouds.

The decorative panel in the center of the frame has the exclusive embossed logo of R18, and if it is a Genesis Edition color scheme, it will also have the “FIRST EDITION” logo in the picture.

Wire spoke wheels are standard for retro cruise cars like the R18, and the unique combination of the front 19 inches and the rear 16 inches also creates a different visual experience.

The R18 tyres are supplied by Bridgestone and have a 120/70 R19 front tyre specification and a 180/65 R16 rear.

The huge fishtail exhaust pipe looks very harmonious on the R18, and the exquisite polishing of the tube body also reflects the meticulous craftsmanship of the R18 designers.

Inheriting the shape of the classic R family

The Genesis color-matched R18 has a large number of chrome kit applications, and the handlebar part is no exception; In order to create the unique driving position of the cruising car, the R18’s handlebar angle is more inclined to the driver’s side, of course, this design feature is also a tribute to the R series models of the year.

Retro round instrument panel in addition to the LCD display below, almost can not find any modern elements, but this does not mean that R18 in the electronic control is also very “retro”, in order to meet the current consumer driving needs, R18 not only equipped with three driving modes, but also added ABS system, traction control system, hill assist function, etc., so that retro and technology perfect combination.

The R18’s complete set of control handlebar buttons is the most dramatic, and consumers familiar with BMW motorcycles may be able to see that this set of molds is almost the same as BMW’s “contemporary” models.

In order to carry this boxer engine with the largest displacement and volume in history, BMW engineers chose the classic double cradle frame, which is also the only BMW motorcycle equipped with this type of frame, in addition to the classic, this frame system also has full reliability, is the first choice for retro cruise cars.

The bare shaft rotation system is different from previous BMW boxer models, and the more direct connection method and eye-catching chrome treatment definitely remind people of its classic BMW R series models.

The increased displacement means that the Boxer’s two fists are also unprecedentedly large, and the rounded cylinder head and bright chrome decoration are luxurious.

The front and rear shocks of the R18 are provided by Showa, which is more domineering than the front shock, and the rear shock is hidden in the center of the frame.

The color scheme of the genesis version also gives the calipers a unique chrome decoration, the front 300mm fixed double disc with opposing four-piston calipers, and the rear 300mm single disc with opposing four-piston calipers, enough to make this 345kg industrial machine brake, of course, ABS has always been the standard equipment of BMW motorcycles.

In order to meet the heat dissipation of this 1802cc engine, the R18 is also equipped with a separate oil-cooled radiator.

In terms of powertrain, the R18 is equipped with the largest displacement boxer engine to date, this engine has a displacement of 1802cc, which is larger than the K1600 series, it puts out a maximum power of 67kW (91 hp) at 4750rpm and a maximum torque of 3000Nm at 158rpm, do not underestimate this data, it can provide 150Nm of torque output in the range of 2000rpm to 4000rpm, This is not inferior to Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee-Eight engine.


The birth of the R18 is not only to expand the sequence of the successor family, its greater ambition is to impact the huge market of American cruise cars, as the most historical motorcycle brand, all the classic elements and historical traces of BMW can be found on the R18, the “Boxer” engine is definitely one of the most classic engines in the world, and it is also very wise to reshape the BMW cruise car family.

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