Do you understand this fashion? Dou Jingtong’s super personality hanging water cup on his waist is so grounded

When it comes to airport concave styling, it should be a must-have homework for all stars, each star’s airport private clothes, we can always find some small details that match the remarkable, be careful. Some people accidentally become the king of goods, become the fashion trend pioneer of netizens, and compete to learn. But can the clothes earrings be the same, have you ever seen this hanging a cup around the waist?

This is this picture, are you also like me to notice the cup on Dou Jingtong’s waist for the first time~ Many people want to ask, is this a simple hanging ornament or a cup used to drink water, no matter what it is, the star who can hang the cup on the waist to walk the airport, I’m afraid there is only Dou Jingtong. This is also in line with Dou Jingtong’s consistent maverick style.

Not only the cup attracts people’s eyes, but Dou Jingtong’s outfit is also very her own style. Simple and black pattern short sleeves, dark blue loose trousers are also very comfortable, tucking the front of the short sleeves into the pants looks casual and stylish, and it is also very detail-oriented. A white enamel was hung on the belt like this, but it was a bit retro.

The retro is not only white and purple, this army-green large cross-body bag is also a very old piece. Does it have the feeling of an old 80s movie, plus this loose outfit, but there is a bit of a wandering poet feeling.

This combination of enamel cups and green backpacks is a common match on Dou Jingtong. For example, this set of dark vertical striped shirts plus Nike’s black sweatpants, seeing that it is a white cup familiar to fans, this time it seems that the white cup is specially equipped with a belt tied out~

The overall looser shape because of the addition of an outer belt has outlined the overall line well, strengthening a certain visual effect and lengthening the proportion of the body. It seems that Dou Jingtong also pays great attention to small details~

You think that’s the end of it? So naïve. Congratulations to the cup plus army green backpack for winning the three kills! Aren’t these sunglasses and pants familiar to everyone? This time, Dou Jingtong was wearing a national-style pullover sweatshirt, and the lower body was paired with dark blue slacks, but he brought some ethnic stitches out, which was obviously different from the previous casual wandering poet.

Dou Jingtong still tucked the only hem into the pants to lead, and the sweatshirt is a small V-neck Oh~ a large number of black round neck T, I have to sigh again that the details are very good, and she wears her own style with a rustic match that normal people wear.

See the cup 4.0, in the end how much Dou Jingtong likes this white enamel cup, I believe you will have the answer when you see here~ Or chose black short sleeves, the yellow pattern on the chest is brightened a lot overall, simple washed jeans, black casual shoes, the overall or ignore the casual style. What has not changed for ten thousand years is the cup around the waist~

But this time, the brown small bag that Dou Jingtong carries is very thoughtless~ It is also full of retro feeling~ I don’t know if it was specially chosen for the cup~ Recently, the headband is also a concave shaped weapon ~ There is a headband will look more domineering overall, and there is no headband but a lot better

Bite! Congratulations to the cup for winning the five kills! Today this time changed the dark color of the past wear, chose a rainbow pullover sweatshirt, but Chen Deren is more beautiful. The bottom of the cargo suspenders and black and green canvas shoes are very suitable for matching the color of the upper sweatshirt. What remains unchanged is the white cup hanging from the waist, and there is no sense of violation in so many sets.

Dou Jingtong chose a small brown bag this time. It is very compatible with the feeling of this cargo strap pants, and if you look closely, you will spread out the original strap and sag, but it adds layers to the pants~

I know that stars will make surprising moves for concave shapes, but I want Dou Jingtong’s kind of concave shape with a cup is the first time I see it, and the high terrible appearance rate shows that Dou Jingtong is really in love with this cup. What do you think of this combination~ Will you get the same style of idol~

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