Summer new women’s temperament shorts set

This summer’s shorts suits are dominating the runways and fashion streets! If you haven’t started yet, then follow the editor to appreciate the beauty of the suit!

1. Bow shorts set

Pop style: fresh and elegant

Suitable age: 23-35

Summer new women’s bow shorts set, bow design effectively covers the small belly to play a good slimming effect Oh, fresh fruit green, beautiful and generous.

3. Vintage print shorts set

Pop style: vintage

Suitable age: 23-34

Vintage print shorts set, white and red match to form a clear impact, embroidered patch print pattern, bring aesthetic visual experience.

4. Chiffon shirt plaid shorts set

Pop style: retro casual

Suitable age: 25-35

Korean chiffon shirt plaid shorts set, round neck design, simple and generous, puff sleeve design, exudes a sweet atmosphere, black and white plaid shorts personality is thin.

5. Beaded celebrity shorts set

Pop style: celebrity casual

Suitable age: 23-32

The shorts suit with a simple round neck and delicate decorations reveal a delicate and cute side, and the original split hem adds a touch of sexiness.

6. Small fragrant shorts set

Pop style: small fragrant wind

Small fragrant shorts set, stylish round neck design, with black line panels, the whole suit is full of luxurious atmosphere, gorgeous vision, eye-catching.

7. Temperament striped shorts set

This small scented striped shorts set features a round neck for elegant styling, a split back and lined with chiffon embroidery to give a woman a unique taste.

8. Off-the-shoulder short-sleeved shorts set

Pop style: elegant celebrity

Suitable age: 24-36

Off-the-shoulder chiffon shorts set, off-the-shoulder style with OL feeling, combined with three-dimensional slim design, showing off confident femininity and creating a perfect body.

9. Sequin print shorts set

Pop style: Korean version

Suitable age: 24-35

The most simple shorts set, sequin character print pattern, highlight the creative fashion, fully show the feminine sense of elegance.

$ guess you like: 44752710350$

10. Casual shorts set

Pop style: casual

Suitable age: 23-36

A very casual shorts suit, classic crewneck design, simple and generous, fashionable and versatile, contrast panels on the sleeves, highlighting the personality temperament.

The above is the new women’s temperament shorts set brought by Xiaobian in summer, and there is a favorite one

Suitable age: 23-34

Suitable age: 25-35

Pop style: small fragrant wind