Pure dry goods|Boys’ winter wool coat wearing strategy

Pure dry goods|Boys’ winter wool coat wearing strategy!

The last issue published a most complete boys’ dressing strategy in early winter, and according to the same standards, an issue was sorted out, and the whole winter wool coat wearing selection strategy was sorted

I will share the wool coat selection wool jacket lightning protection guide from wool coat/jacket/suit style, teach you to choose the right wool jacket without stepping on the thunder, and enhance your clothes

Wool fabric selection

For a quality coat, the fabric is the most important thing to choose! The fabric determines the texture, temperament and price of a coat

The warmth of alpaca wool is better than wool, and the smooth feel of alpaca wool can be called the sunscreen of the coat world.

The second is sheep wool, which is a better fabric for making winter wool series, and it has a better texture

Divided wool has good wear resistance and wrinkle resistance

Wool style classification options:

■Wool coat: large wool coat with lapel, large wool with shirt collar

■Wool jackets: cargo wool jackets, stand-up jackets, shirt jackets

■Wool suit: – -Buttoned green fruit collar, single/double-breasted lapel ■ Wool inside: black/khaki/white/camel turtleneck and half turtleneck

Three do not need to save and do not remember, there is a need to pay attention to ten collections, just do

V wool coat wearing guide

M color: deep khaki, tea camel, khaki, carbon black, bean coffee M wearing rules: ◆ the same color shade of wear: outer depth and inner light, lower light upper dark

◆With boots, the visual slender effect is more awe-inspiring

◆ Layering: The same color is layered to make a dark and light transition, and the visual focus of local bright colors is at a high place

◆The mid-length and turtleneck sweater can modify the tall proportions, and the male charm is more deep

The wool coat with its own British style and modern sense is worn in a neat pair; The visual color matching requirements of the body are relatively high, and different material sections are used to enhance the sense of fashion, rather than the blessing of big brands

Wool jacket wearing guide

M color: camel, black, dark coffee, carbon gray

M Dressing rules: ◆ Shallow inside and deep outside / Outer depth and shallow inside / upper light and dark down

◆The inner layer is the same color as the pants, and the outer jacket is contrasted

◆The jacket is the same color as the pants, and the inner layer is made of bright/dark color

The jacket itself has the attributes of a handsome tough guy, and under the blessing of light luxury texture wool, it will fully interpret the charm of men’s stability and nobility, usually on business trips or daily leisure to take a tote bag, improve the overall style, and highlight the exquisite men’s taste

V Wool suit dressing guide

Wear it with Martin boots, jeans, tapered trousers

M Dressing rules: ◆ Wear white/black + black pants + (any wool suit)

The same material and color set is even more premium

With sneakers casual / when wearing boots, the rigorous sense of solemnity of the suit with the heel of the trouser leg becomes more warm and high-class because of the wool, not only showing the first impression of gentlemanly demeanor in business, but also making people feel mature and confident from the inside out

People share these practical and beautiful men’s dresses, so that every man can find a balance between fashion elements and daily life, which can be simple and atmospheric, but also capable and exquisite!