UG programming the creation of dovetail knives, the processing of flat-bottomed knives, how to have no residue

A: How to create this forming knife?

B: It’s equivalent to a dovetail knife, just build it with a flat-bottomed knife

A: Can this contour bottom be left out?


You don’t have to choose, you first machine the bottom, and then mill the side,


Doesn’t that essence light say that the margin is not accurate?

B: You can’t process this in place, it’s a sharp dead end,

The flat type is to be processed in place

This can be processed into place, right?

So why is the bottom surface flat, I must choose the bottom together,

How to machine in place, secondary clamping, four-axis machine side processing, the bottom surface is a bevel, your tool will not be inclined according to your tilt bottom surface swing inclination, is the ZM axis

Can’t get out with a flat-bottomed knife? Is it okay for a flat-bottomed knife to go this way?

Is it okay to use a round nose knife to walk flat, side equal, and finally clear the corner with a flat knife?

Yes, but can not touch the sidewall, must protect the sidewall, if finished, exit 0.01~0.02

Machining with three-axis machining cannot be processed in place, there will be residues

That standing angle?

B: You just made the program, put your flat knife there and look at it, and you will know.

Oh, then the teacher who can’t process this kind of processing also has to be discharged?

The knife is flat, this side is oblique, and there will be residue at the sharp corners anyway,

If the requirements are high, they must be,

There is not much left, but it is not processed cleanly, if the requirements are high, it is to be dealt with separately, if the requirements are not high, it can be passed

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