Have you collected the four pairs of boots with the highest “utilization” this fall?

Taking advantage of the early autumn, all kinds of mix-and-match and layering masters have been launched. However, there is no way around a pair of boots in autumn wear, and looking at the various boots in the major runways this autumn and winter, I really can’t wait to put knee-length boots, Martin boots, and booties of various colors and materials into it.

Jimmy Choo Fall/Winter 2021 collection

Regardless of whether the runway is practical or not, a boots that are both warm and fashionable are really a must-have for our [real girls] in autumn and winter! Today, let’s take a look at what boots (and matching ideas) are worth learning from on the 2021 fall/winter runway.

If you still want to chase the wind of Martin boots this year (you can chase), then the editor recommends that you have a pair

Flat lace-up knight boots

Pocket it. The strap design sets off the legs straight and long, which is very flattering to the leg shape and can adjust the desired tightness. Because there are straps, even if you wear them together, it is not monotonous.

Yohji Yamamoto

For the fall/winter 2021 ready-to-wear collection, Yohji Yamamoto continues to focus on “genderless wear”, and he uses lace-up knight boots in many of his looks to match the construction and tailoring of the garment.

Pure black does not mean absolute domineering and strong, when rubbed into the feminine and flowing temperament of women, it is one

Mysterious and free

Dark rendition.


The Fall/Winter 2021 collection also adds a heroic touch to the entire look with lace-up knight boots. Even the leopard print and lace cutout skirt is not coquettish because of the existence of knight boots, and the boots of the DIOR family you pay attention to are relatively soft leather, which is not only more comfortable than the hard leather, but also more nice to the leg shape.

Lace-up knight boots + preppy pleated skirt + sports leggings are another style. Like models, you can tie a belt in a neutral blazer, and you can lengthen your body proportions without heels. This combination is also suitable for the current temperature,

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

The entire Fall/Winter 2021 collection focuses on youthful vitality, with a square-toe and thick-soled shoe design that echoes the classic pleated skirt, which is a “retro preppy style”.

In addition to matching leggings or skirts as shown on the runway,

Lace-up rider boots + loose straight-leg jeans

The combination is actually a bit pretty! The flat bottoms are already comfortable to wear, and combined with comfortable loose jeans, the pleats naturally stacked in the middle of the boots create a wonderfully slouchy beauty.

Recommended brands:

Ann Demeulemeester

Sisters familiar with the dark line should be familiar with this Belgian designer brand Ann Demeulemeester, which has been quietly popular recently! It’s worth it.

Almost all stars such as Yang Mixinya have personally demonstrated Ann Demeulemeeter (follow along –

Ann Demullemist

The family’s shoes are a hit in recent years!

Its boots, extra-long laces can be wrapped around the cuff several times, want to be dashing and casual, directly wrap a few knots, want to be a little girl (not too girly), just tie a bow on the heel. The knight’s boots come with leg loops, and the leg rings are moved down to the calf, the fit is tough, thin and tall, and there is a bit of romantic dark wind with the same color!

No matter how the tide changes,

Round-toe booties forever YYDS

, Whether the boots are hot or not this year, you can always see it in street photography, after all, who can refuse a pair of “universal boots” with high comfort and fashion?







Leather boots have become a popular autumn and winter hit, and the popularity of round-topped smoker boots has been high in recent years.

As the “most wanted booties Top1” last autumn and winter, this pair of boots has a strong sense of line, and the round toe gives people a sense of daily leisure, which is visually dull, more natural and softer, and friendly to us ordinary people!

Compared with pointed toe design boots, the round toe is more blunt and cute, more comfortable and more in line with the needs of today’s people. The round head is also more tolerant of the foot type, and the space is also enough for friends with fatter feet or higher instep.

Jil sander

The 2022 Early Spring Collection has a square toe with a square in the circle and a square between the circle and the cylindrical chunky heel, which is so good-looking! Its shoes and bags look like works of art, and wearing that wide and large silhouette is the most suitable.

Alexander McQueen

Home is definitely more than just little white shoes! No, the Fall/Winter 2021 collection uses round-toe booties with puffy skirts with a wide fabric. Look closely at these dresses packed with details, whether it’s a V-neck tethered dress or a washed blue denim paneled jacket with signature pleats. Round-toe booties make the whole set more classical, and it is a bit like the aristocratic lady in the castle, wearing a puffy skirt and running on the grass with boots~

Let’s get out of the runway and see how bloggers wear them with round-toed booties 👇👇

The most classic collocation is all black,

Tight-fitting knit + leather skirt + booties

Just showing the slender calf, you can directly be shortlisted for the “classic match that never goes out of style”, and the shape, foot feel, and versatility of the round-toe booties are not picked~

Neutral suit + leggings + smoker boots

It is also good to have an aura, although there are no too eye-catching items, but the slender shoe barrel has the feeling of “legs dangling in the shoe”, very urban, the same all-black shape, pointed toe boots and round toe boots have a completely different temperament.

The round and square boot shape is more leg-shaped, and the small leg pants do not make people feel bulky, and the slender shoe barrel gives people a slender feeling. It’s a cold day, so it’s just right to wear a coat like this!

Recommended brand: Roger Vivier

People with wide soles choose RV shoes, the large button will look very skinny feet, this boot has two combinations: diamond buckle and metal buckle. The diamond buckle is lace-up, while the metal buckle is a pedal with a side zipper, somewhere between the motorcycle and the casual style.

After talking about the two super versatile daily boot styles, let’s talk about the entry boot style for judging fashionable people: split-toe boots.

30 years ago,

Maison Margiela

Bringing the concept of Tabi Shoes to the fashion world. Since its inception, split-toe designs have polarized the entire fashion industry. It even makes people stop on the street, causing arguments, there will always be people who feel weird and unacceptable, and there will always be people who think that it is super cool, it is a “dream love shoe”.

No matter how much controversy there may be, the Tabi split-toe boot has its soul after all. When they see Tabi Shoes, many people think of Japanese clogs companions – foot bags.

Foot bag”

In Japanese, socks and shoes with split toes are specifically referred toes, and in English, Tabi.

Foot bags are for the convenience of people

Wearing herringbone clogs, that’s it

Put the sock design into the shape of a toe.

Margiela successfully brought the Tabi wind, this trend has been blowing for more than 30 years, I have to say that the popularity of Tabi shoes in the fashion industry and trend circles has made major brands use Tabi as design inspiration!

Last year, sports brands


Once co-branded with Maison Margiela, the Reebok classic shoe has once again been given a new form. These split-toe boots combine with Maison Margiela’s signature Tabi split-toe design and create a tall body in leather, which is a pair of sneakers, but also “expensive” and more “trendy”.

Split-toe boots aren’t as hard to match as we think, and even (as those who wear it testify) it’s really versatile! Whether it is a short skirt or a long skirt, or even a long skirt that mops the floor, it will make the whole look cool and very personal.

If you want to match with pants, then jeans, wide-legged pants, and pipe pants will be a good choice, especially when you are tired of wearing hardcore, decent boots like Dr. Martens, and you will definitely be pleasantly surprised by the changes these split-toe boots bring to your look.

Because it has defined a style of its own, cool, unusual, and self-explanatory.

If you find split-toe boots too difficult to buy socks, but you like this kind of shoes with personality, then I recommend you to check them out

I Suddenly Sneezed(ISS)

The family’s shoes, the legendary “Margiela Pingtai”, are now loved by all kinds of hipsters. The butterfly toe cap is full score, the tough appearance but takes into account the comfort of soft leather, is now the most popular “sweet cool” is right~

Recommended brand: Maison Margiela

Without a doubt, if you want to own a pair of Tabi boots, you must buy Maison Margiela. The shoe has both haters and die-hard fans, and it’s impossible to predict what the future of Maison Margiela will look like, but we call it “a trendsetter’s closed-eye piece” because it’s designed to be as bold as the people wearing it.

Socks and boots don’t know why, they have a “gentle and golden” temperament, which should be in line with the popular saying “the top of the food chain is the sister”.

The soft boots have a good fit and fit perfectly to the shape of the foot, just as comfortable as wearing socks.

Sock boots do not make the person wearing it feel tight at all, and the feet do not feel restrained.


At the beginning of the spring/summer 2021 collection, I used pointed toe high-heeled socks boots with tough cropped pants/skirts, handsome and very feminine, super fashionable~

In the sixties, designers tried to keep raising the boots, and now the trend of stocking boots is reviving.

Saint Laurent

The new pantyhose boots launched in autumn and winter 2021, that is really a model wearing the “all legs” series, handsome not to mention, it really shows the legs long when it looks … With pantyhose boots, you don’t have to worry about shoes, just match the top, lazy gospel.

However, in order to make the shoes and pants more coordinated, the pantyhose are mostly made of tight material, which can wrap the line of the beautiful legs.


Long before out pantyhose boots, sock boots tightly wrapped around the ankle, pushing the fashionable silhouette of top width + bottom tight back to the front line.

However, as mortals, it is difficult for us to be nine-headed bodies, too


Not so long legs support the whole panty boot! But we can use this idea.

Let the boots and pants be the same color, and the pants are perfectly undertaken,

Wearing it this way can effectively lengthen the lower body proportions, not that there is a good saying:

The boots and pants are the same color, and the proportions are amazing.

This not only maintains the demeanor of wearing boots, but also suits the petite sisters.

Sister-in-law used sock boots to match a jumpsuit, and the slenderness of the sock boots gave this loose jumpsuit a streamlined effect and was visually high.

While Hailey Bieber could have chosen chunky boots in this outfit, the sock boots give a more refined feel.

Marine Serre

Socks and boots come in a variety of styles, and Marine Serre’s moon-print ankle boots are simply one of the most popular fashion items for Ins bloggers. The recognizable little crescent, you can also make a pile of socks at the ankle, a must-have for trendy wearing, in short, socks and boots are back in fashion this year!

Perhaps the reason why many sisters like autumn and winter is that they can wear boots in various styles. In addition to the above four,

Rubber boots, jelly boots

, and what we’ve shared before

Knight boots, western boots

, are all this year’s big hits.

However, no matter how the fashion is updated, boots that can create a comfortable and clean feel, can be matched with the clothes you have in your wardrobe, and that fit your leg shape are the best boots!

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