Household electric kettle fault repair method

Electric kettles are indispensable small appliances in our daily lives. Once the electricity is not turned on, it can’t be used, throw it away, unfortunately, go to the repair shop to repair the repair fee, and buy a new hot water kettle. Below I will introduce you to several methods that you can fix at home.

1 The pot body is in poor contact with the base, the handling method, open the base screw, and press the spring plate with a screwdriver

Second, the terminal is aging and the contact is poor, the treatment method, the hand can be powered on by moving the joint, and then use a vice to pinch the wire.

Third, the electric kettle switch spring plate burns out, the treatment method, change the switch.

Fourth, the kettle body heating plate is damaged, the treatment method, replace the kettle body, the heating plate is disposable and the kettle body is connected together and cannot be replaced.

Fourth, the electric kettle water boils without interruption. The fault is caused by the blockage of the steam pipe, and the treatment method is to unblock the pipe.

Fifth, the kettle body is electrified, the fault is the aging of the line, the heating disk is damaged, the treatment method, replace the wire, and the damage of the heating disk has no repair value.

Sixth, the sound is abnormal, the general fault is that there is too much scale in the kettle, resulting in abnormal sound when the kettle is heated, the treatment method, remove the scale, you can boil water normally.

In order to ensure safety, it is best not to work with electricity.