Wear “high-top canvas shoes” in autumn and winter, learn these matching ideas, although simple but very temperamental

The beauty of a girl is never an instant formation, and even in a broader sense, it is extremely difficult to have a perfect shape. therefore

Good looks are never made suddenly.

In pursuit

Stylish and avant-garde

When choosing a piece, comfortable items are often more acceptable and more popular, so girls must first suit themselves and then the times when choosing items.


It is a season from warm to cold, and after accepting months of sweltering weather, the arrival of cold has caught many people off guard, and even the choice of clothing has fallen into a state of confusion.

But is that critical? No, a piece is not rigid, it requires us to recognize it and innovate it. What I’m going to tell you today is ours

Vitality “high-top canvas shoes”

, Although it is a very ordinary style, it is not earthy at all when used to match, and it is very temperamental!

What are the advantages of high-top canvas shoes?

Protects the ankle and is lightweight and effortless

In addition to protecting the body from the cold, the warmth of the feet must also be in place at all times, so that the shape optimization can be greatly achieved, and it is more conducive to you to achieve out-of-season fashion.


High-top canvas shoes

One of the great reasons is that it is not only well designed, but also has a certain foot warming effect for winter, but it is not particularly tight and difficult to breathe.

The lightweight and simple high-top canvas shoes not only set off the beauty of fashion, but also combine a different casual style, so you can adapt to it when you wear it in winter

Styling and image

It will also be relatively rich.

Choose from a wide range of colors

In the fashion circle, canvas shoes are still quite rich in color when matching, unlike some shoes that are very monotonous and can be controlled by less style, so the shape you can choose is very limited.

High-top canvas shoes

It plays a lot in the four seasons,

Wear it with both skirts and pants

。 Canvas shoes designed with a casual fit of the normal fit, because of the addition of different colors, add a lot of fashion sense.

Black is calm, white is simple, warm is small and clear,

Different colors reflect different looks

It doesn’t matter if you like cool wind or soft sister style.

Recommended bottoms

(1) Jeans


This type of item, should be uncommon in the fashion circle, as a cross-era and fashionable clothing, it is often welcomed by the public when wearing, and has received a lot of heat.

Jeans are comfortable and not casual

, the style is atmospheric and domineering

, Even if you are commuting, you will not feel tired when matching, and you can match it with different tops, so sisters who are in a hurry can boldly choose this kind of shoes.

“Jeans + high-top canvas shoes”

, very campus style is also very small. If preppy girls don’t like to wear boots, they can choose a piece based on high-top canvas shoes to match

Spontaneous and natural.

(2) Skirts

Do you have to wear a skirt with heels? Do you have to wear high heels with a skirt? Not so. If you want to surpass yourself and transcend the sense of styling tradition, then you must renew yourself.

As a representative one in the skirt industry


, it condenses the skirt’s

Atmospheric elegance

, the shape is very personal, and the feeling created by different colors and styles is different,

It has both a mature style and a girly feeling.

But when the skirt is dressed,

Be sure to find the right fit

, match all aspects of your figure, such as some girls have a larger crotch, then when wearing a skirt, it is not suitable for too loose and large.

Try to put

Waist line and body shape

It sets it off, so that it is more decorative for your look, and it will not look so general. When some girls wear skirts, the style and style type are always not done well, so it is particularly unnatural.

Sometimes the outfit is like this, “don’t lose the big with the small”. A few

Small details

If you pay attention to the bit, not only can you optimize the piece itself, but also the one that goes with it will also stain.

(3) Dresses

Dresses and skirts are both of the same type of piece, but in

Stylistic and design-wise

But there is a big difference. Skirts test your matching ability and the ability to choose a fit when wearing them, while dresses test it


There is also its overall color, some dresses are thin to wear, but the style is very general, so it is especially not suitable for you to show your charm, so there are small skills in wearing long skirts.

But back to fashion,

Long skirt

When dressing, it is actually not as difficult as imagined, or even simpler, in the minds of many people, the long skirt can show quite little.

In fact, long skirts can also go casual, such as when it meets us

, such a complex and simple match, the two different types of pieces set off vividly, not at all inferior to mature shoes.

(4) Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants

It’s just a big concept, in fact, many pants can be summarized into it. For example, our denim wide-leg pants and wide-leg trousers are all of the same type, but the fabric and fit design are different.

Wide-leg pants and high-top canvas shoes

When matching, the sense of niche and youthful atmosphere set off the screen. Maybe the long pants will cover part of the high-top, but that won’t be a stumbling block to its fashion.

Specific styling display

The two outfits that the little sisters present today are very simple, and the overall tone is based on

“Jeans + high-top canvas shoes” are the mainstay.

Although the matching of the pieces looks similar, the feeling of driving is completely different.

For example, this first set, the whole matching is particularly natural at a glance, and the layering technique is also very well done, although it is a little miscellaneous, but it will not taste earthy at all. Light blue sweater underneath and pair with an overcoat

Keep warm and the colors are niche.

High-waisted jeans

Very fashionable and personal, just looking at the clothing items is very fascinating, when the whole set is paired with a pair

, it looks more aged, and the legs are consciously elongated.

Okay, now the second set. This little sister will wear a relatively mature style, and the style fabric is not a very ordinary one, and the color is also obvious

A sense of transcendence.

The simple white underwear is paired with high-waisted mopping jeans, and the casual underwear is not very ordinary, but with a warm coat jacket

Mature and stylish,

Covered high-top canvas shoes also

It didn’t affect the overall styling feel.

Pay attention to the daily styling guide and meet a more beautiful self with your outfit!

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High-top canvas shoes

High-top canvas shoes