This year, a coat is popular: called a knee-high coat, not only to keep warm but also to cover the flesh, too much love

I don’t know if you have found that there are still quite a lot of popular clothing in the fashion circle today, especially coats, although they look ordinary, but specifically speaking of style, it is really too much, if you want to be able to wear a jacket this winter when you learn more ideas, you can try the knee coat first, it is definitely an extremely thin artifact.

The wearing of over-the-knee coats must be well known to everyone, after all, most people’s daily matching coats exceed the knees, and the warmth effect and meat hiding effect of long coats will be stronger, suitable for whites to learn from and reference, which is of great help to enhance your temperament.

Can’t a small person wear a knee coat? The answer is definitely obvious, regardless of your size, try an overcoat that is longer than your knees. The blogger below is a small person, but borrowing the concave shape of the brown over-the-knee coat, it is still very aura. Especially with loose wide-leg pants, it looks very strong and enviable.

Most people like to match over-the-knee coats, especially when over-the-knee coats are combined with knitwear, which is extremely warm, even if it is a few degrees below zero. The blogger below shows a sense of luxury and charm through the concave shape of the turtleneck sweater.

Then with loose wide-leg pants, the length of wide-leg pants covers the foot surface, the length is super long, but it does not look cumbersome, but stretches the legs, it seems that the proportion of the body is very good, it is recommended that everyone’s daily matching can also learn from this outfit, which will better enhance your aura.

In addition, you can combine the concave shape of canvas shoes, casual canvas shoes are more conducive to creating a sense of fashion, loose and simple atmosphere, wearing without great pressure, light-colored canvas shoes and wide-leg pants are also very high-end.

The wearing of pants was mentioned to you earlier, and you can also understand the matching of over-the-knee coats and skirts, such as the blogger chose a high-waist skirt, the length is over the knee, and the combination of the coat is more warm. At the same time, you can also learn from the loose skirt to modify the proportion of the lower body, and the slightly chubby cutie should try it quickly.

The shirt is worn under the knee-high coat, which reduces the overall sense of heaviness and looks very light, and combined with the layering of white shirts and gray coats, it further interprets a casual temperament, looks cool and sassy, and will also better create a sense of layering

Of course, the matching of shoes is also extremely critical, in order to be able to appear thin and cover the flesh, many people will try high heels, small people can look at the black boots below, the style is simple, black boots and gray coats combined will not look strange, and you can also borrow thin heels to stretch your legs.

Layered coats have never been outdated, especially in the cold winter, you should learn how bloggers dress, for example, the bloggers below chose to layer over-the-knee coats and black undershirts, which look very gentle and thin, and the warmth effect is also very good.

The long coat combined with a retro checked skirt can interpret the casual temperament, and the overall style will not be very serious and old-fashioned, and the high-waisted skirt just stretches your waist, and the slimming effect is very good.

You can also try to match some light-colored underwear, such as the blogger arranged a blue turtleneck, this outfit looks fresher, light blue can also express young charm, combined with this coat will not look old.

When choosing a knee-high coat, you can not only limit yourself to the basic black and white, you can also try the burgundy color below, full of highlights, gentle and intellectual. The burgundy color is mature and atmospheric, and it is also very thin with a black turtleneck. In addition, you can also learn from the stockings to match them, modify your small thin legs, show a light temperament, and the thick coat is more fashionable compared to the thick coat, and the leg shape is not good-looking and do not worry, after all, only show the ankles, basically will not be exposed.

Over-the-knee coats are too popular this year, after seeing these matches, everyone is very excited, it is recommended that little whites can try these over-the-knee coats, small people don’t be afraid, it’s not so difficult to match, as long as you choose the right underwear and bottoms, it will definitely be a lot more fashionable. Disclaimer: The text is original, and the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.