These fur-collared scarves are warmer than boyfriends during the cold winter months

In the cold winter, scarves have become an indispensable accessory, choosing a suitable scarf can not only enhance the fashion of the entire outfit, but also play a warm effect. So how to match the more popular fur neck scarves recently?

Every cold winter, there will always be a biting cold wind, at this time the most easy to freeze should be our neck, this part of the neck has a lot of acupuncture points, neck blood vessels

Then at this time, there is a warm fur collar scarf around the neck, all this can be solved!

A fur neck scarf is multi-functional, it is not only a practical scarf but also can be used as a shawl, and the important thing is that different fur neck scarves, different lengths of fur neck scarves, and different ways to tie scarves! Andy, the protagonist in Ode to Joy, also has a fur-collared scarf.

Today I will mainly tell you about the rabbit hair scarf! Rabbit hair scarf, as the name suggests, is a scarf made of rabbit hair, which is a precious animal fiber, very soft and fluffy.

The fur neck scarf made of rabbit hair can fit the human skin and keep you warm!