This time without pretending, it’s time to take out the top R&D! Decathlon BS990 review

Speaking of international first-line brands of badminton, how many can you think of?

You will definitely say three brands.

But have you ever thought about it, international brands must be brands that can bring badminton to various countries (or most countries) around the world, and have certain original design and independent research and development capabilities…

The product that came today was born from such a brand, he is the BS990 high-end badminton shoes of PERFLY, a badminton brand under Decathlon

Speaking of Decathlon, can I think of your first impression of it, entry, cost-effectiveness, and category, but it seems difficult to hook up with professionalism?

To be honest, I thought the same before I got this BS990 today.

So what exactly is this pair of BS990 configurations?! There will be such a big surprise.

Let’s unpack it together today.


Decathlon PERFLY BS990 released a total of two colors, a dark blue cyberpunk version and a North Carolina blue version.

What I received here is a cyberpunk version, a combination of navy blue + dark blue + bright red, which is actually a test of the designer’s grasp of the color number, because the color matching involves colliding color systems, and it is easy for users to have color fatigue if they are not well matched. The 990 embodies the design aesthetic of international brands at this point.

The material of the upper is KPU wear-resistant layer + TPU mesh + microfiber wrapping layer, a multi-structure upper.

KPU layer, this is very common, now on the market YONEX ELZ23 are such a configuration, so that the upper has a strong wear resistance.

TPU mesh: This material is now a commonly used material on NK’s new running shoes, the main feature is good breathability + strong strength, and it will not cause fiber cracking after multiple bending.

In the heel position, is a flying woven short sock cover + TPU stable reinforcement design,

The 990’s flying socks cover is not high, mainly linkage the tongue, providing a strong sense of wrapping, wearing and taking off without any burden, and with the sponge at the ankle, it can give the wearer a very good support.

TPU reinforcement: This configuration. In the previous Li Ning high-end sneakers have been applied, lateral support, and passive support have strong protection, as a stabilizing sneaker This should be standard.


The sole of the 990 is the original sole of Decathlon PERFLY, which is composed of hummingbird logo pattern + spiral pattern,

The spiral pattern is the core area of the multi-dimensional force of the sole, which is mainly responsible for the core friction area of pedaling.

The hummingbird logo pattern is similar to the principle of YONEX’s newly released cross ninja dart. Both are designed to improve friction for lateral braking.

There are no carbon plates designed at the arch of the foot

, but gave a three-dimensional reinforced nylon piece, as an arch support, the overall torsion resistance is not bad, can not be said to be particularly good, but also much better than some shoes with sticker carbon plates.


After talking about the appearance, let’s talk about the inner things.

After all, the height of a pair of shoes is closely related to the adjustment of internal technology and R&D personnel!!!

Pure pile material will not work! Just look at some domestic brands…

990 in the middle sole of the shoe, the front palm and the back foot are used SCF supercritical material, sneaker old players should know that supercritical material is the most popular and BOOST material, with elasticity never decaying existence, the disadvantage is easy to tear oxidation, so smart manufacturers generally do not use it to do the full palm, put it in the position of performance can be.

The awesomeness of 990 is not only the use of supercritical materials, but the patented structure of DHN.

A question first?

Have you ever thought about it?

The last step you took on the Internet, the first part of the foot to land?

It must be the position of the heel near the Achilles tendon, not the sole of the foot directly hitting the ground

The structure of DHN is to extend the supercritical cushioning material from the soles of the feet to the outside of the heels, allowing you to stride online and land on the ground with extreme cushioning to protect the knees and Achilles tendons.

Such a design has not appeared in all high-end badminton shoes at present, it can be seen that the R & D personnel still have a certain foundation in the research of badminton, not the kind of blind person touching the image R & D designer closed eyes blind painting.

In order to understand the performance of this shoe, I specially cut a foot,

It can be found that the inside of the upper of position 1 uses a large mesh breathable nylon mesh, like the high-end sneakers of the three major brands, the inside is also filled with ordinary sponge, and the breathability is too far from this large mesh fabric…

It’s not that mesh is awesome, but the details are enough to show the intention.

Talk about foot feeling:

Tested by 70kg 183cm wears 42 yardage length 265mm (benchmark YY 41.5)

Wearing for 2 weeks, averaging 2 hours per game, high-intensity doubles and singles…

Let’s start with the advantages

1: Wrap it up! The setting of the last is standard, but the upper foot wrap has the tightness of 2E, and it is the whole foot, unlike Li Ning’s 2E only the ankle and arch wrapped, the sole of the foot is still empty.

2. Very stable! The TPU stable design of the KPU upper and heel, plus a good wrap, this shoe does not have a trace of drag.

3. Not stuffy, as mentioned earlier, its upper and interior are full of details for breathability. This is evident when you get on your feet! After 2 hours of wearing, there is no stuffy feeling of full leather~

4. The cushioning of the heel is not to say, the supercritical material plus the patented structural design, there is basically no burden when the Internet is supported by large strides.


1. Insole: The insole configuration of 990 is actually not low, no woven fabric + diamond jacquard design to increase friction, but the hardness and rebound tuning of the insole EVA is really almost meaning, maybe the supercritical material used in the midsole is too soft, worried that the sole only shock absorption does not rebound, so with a pair of harder insoles…

But unexpectedly, this directly became the biggest shortcoming of the entire pair of shoes~

The author changed a pair of XD11 insoles later, and it can be said responsibly that the foot feel can compete with SC6~!

2. No shoe box or laces, this is the feature of Decathlon products, because they are all open shelf sales, all products are not packaged, which is also a little contribution of European companies to environmental protection, but for such a high positioning of products, it is really missing a sense of ritual.

Later, the author got a pair of ELZs of YONEX’s latest stable series to compare the 990,

1. ELZ’s last is more pressing toes than 990, especially the thumb, which is obviously not suitable for you for students with large toes in the south.

2. Comparing the weight of two pairs of shoes of the same size, the ELZ weighs 3.5 grams more than 990

3. The ankles are also sock designs, and the 990 has a stronger wrapping feeling than the ELZ.

4. ELZ’s arch support material and design are better than 990, and the torsion resistance is slightly stronger.


BS990 cyberpunk version, really surprised me a lot, as a large comprehensive sports brand, it is difficult to imagine that the professionalism of products in the badminton vertical field can be dug so deep… This shows that Decathlon PERFLY is not only doing breadth, no technical reserves and precipitation brand, of course, with Decathlon’s volume can not play like this, lie down directly, do the volume of the complete annual sales scale can press YYV these on the ground to rub.

But today, we have to admit that BS990 is a very professional and original pair of high-end badminton shoes, which represents Decathlon is not only a big and full brand, as long as you want to do the same in the vertical field, you can pull the professionalism and give you a surprise. Don’t forget that the BS990 is priced at 599, and at this price you can buy some of the three brands that have discounted stock… But that’s an obsolete model after all… Who wouldn’t want to try something new?