MetersBonwe, a subsidiary of Milbank Apparel, has newly released the Spring/Summer 2022 collection promotion campaign

Metersbonwe, a pioneer fashion brand under Milbank Apparel, officially released the spring/summer 2022 collection #Don’t take the XX road#Theme promotion campaign. Guo Caijie, Bouboo Bubu, Shi Xin Wenyue, A Phantom Jun, Rui Ho, Bysanz, as representatives of China’s young power, wore metersbonwe’s new spring/summer 2022 collection of clothing, pioneering interpretation of the classic brand slogan “Unusual Road” in the new generation of their respective attitudes and spirits – do not go back, do not take the established road, do not take the road approaching, do not take the road of dragging, do not take the road that everyone knows, and do not take the road of reality.

The metersbonwe spring/summer 2022 collection #Don’t go XX road#Theme promotion campaign pays tribute to Gen Z individuals who have no standard answers and reinvent everyday life with creativity, breaking established rules and issuing self-declarations. MetersBonwe brings together a group of avant-garde partners with a strong own style. They are singer/actor Guo Caijie, dancer Bouboo Bubu, musician Shi Xin Wenyue, Up Master A Phantom Jun, musician/artist Rui Ho, and digital artist Bysanz. The commercial campaign was directed by the younger generation of photographer Dai Xiaoyi, and the TVC video was directed by director iGUFILM _GUGU.

From singer to actor, the role change gave Guo Caijie a wonderful perception. Compared with the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment, the process of effort, search and exploration is more addictive to her. “No turning back”, Guo Caijie compares the process of continuous exploration to a “circle” movement, which also means that she never looks back.

“I can always regain the desire to enter the circle in the first place, discover my ignorant side, and go around in circles and also allow me to complete self-renewal.” – Guo Caijie

Bubu behind the highlight moment, the dance career is actually not smooth sailing, but whenever he is confused, Bubu will firmly believe in following his original intention; This persistence and motivation comes from the enthusiasm of the audience. Life in China gave Bubu a big surprise, he never imagined that so many people in this land liked him.

“Do not follow the set path”, the most important thing is not to care about the opinions of others, always immerse yourself in your own world, perceive yourself and constantly create fresh vitality. – Bouboo Bubu

Bottlenecks are a common occurrence for content creators. In the creative process, a certain phantom often thinks about what kind of content can keep him and his audience enthusiastic. Therefore, a certain phantom king tried to get out of the comfort zone of game video creation, and stimulated his greater potential and inspiration through music creation, and new explorations brought new challenges and surprises. “Don’t take the road and drag the road” is a certain phantom monarch’s interpretation and interpretation of his own creative state in a witty way.

“I empathize with the phrase that I went off the beaten path, and that my previous self was on an ordinary path, and it was because of constant experimentation that it inspired a new style. And I’m still on the road, with bigger plans and imaginations in mind. – A certain phantom king

For virtual digital artist Bysanz, virtual art is also part of real life. He constantly focuses on making ordinary things into works of art through self-imagination and numerical settings, and creating through different mediums can bring others a full range of sensory experiences. “Not taking the road of reality” is more like a summary of Bysanz’s emotional output and spiritual sustenance in the creative process.

“The virtual is not born out of the real world, it is an essential part of real life. I usually don’t have many opportunities to express my emotions or emotions, and creation is my only emotional outlet. ”——Bysanz。

Music, MV, editing, album cover design… Shi Xinwenyue is happy to participate in every aspect of creation, and his works can often show a complete spiritual world that belongs to him. Every new attempt is a self-breakthrough for him, even if the process is difficult, Shi Xinwenyue enjoys it. “Don’t approach the road” is his principle for facing life, work, and self-pursuit, as long as he is doing what he likes, any path can be his unusual path.

“If we all follow the same path, the end point will definitely be similar.” – Shi Xinwenyue

To this day, Rui Ho still feels like an unprofessional type and easily gets bored with a fixed thing, which contributes to her continuous outward exploration. Whether as a non-binary person or a member of the queer community, Rui Ho considers herself an ordinary individual who creates and needs to use her works to express her emotions and feelings about life, and convey her core emotions.

“I hope that through my work, queer art can be understood and perceived by more people, and that it can be regarded as a purer pop work.” ——Rui Ho

Several pioneer representatives define their own unusualness in different ways, interpreting new forms of self-expression to the extreme, and this is the most striking feature of metersbonwe, the classic brand statement “unusual” that has been baptized by time, and will always be embedded in different ways in every part of metersbonwe in the new era of 2022.

Continuing the theme of the Metersbonwe Spring/Summer 2022 collection on October 19, 2021, the first wave of the Metersbonwe Spring/Summer 2022 collection features a series of iconic pieces with eye-catching MTBW’s new monogram logo and graffiti motif, including sweatshirts, denim jackets, knitwear, knitwear and jeans, highlighting the original creativity of street youth. The 101 Dalmatian joint collection featuring pink, gray and denim blue adds to the sweetness of Valentine’s Day. The brand’s signature neutral new essential collection is infused with more school-inspired pieces, with purples, greens and blues bringing more colour and vibe to everyday casualty.

The Spring and Summer series products have been released on the metersbonwe WeChat mini program, the official online store of Tmall Metersbonwe and offline retail stores.

Metersbonwe, a pioneer fashion brand, has been resonating with the trend of young culture for 26 years, inspiring and infecting the new generation of consumers with the declaration of “taking an unusual path” to express themselves through clothing and explore the infinite possibilities of youth. Metersbonwe inspires native creativity.