The fashion clothes sharing on the streets of the United States, although there are many slightly fat women, they are very confident in their outfits

In the fashion industry, the style of clothing is very complex, there are different differences according to temperament, such as gentle style, girly style, etc., and gender, neutral style, lady style, etc., and even according to the different styles of various countries, different styles are distinguished.

In fact, it is also good to try the style that other countries like,

American streets

Although there are many slightly fat women, they are very confident in their outfits, and most of the clothes in the United States are dressed

Sexy and hot

Famous, no matter what kind of body, as long as you are confident, you can show a unique aura, American street outfit sharing, even large-size women, dressing is very confident.

●Exaggerated fleece coat analysis

Fleece coats are still popular in winter, but few fat women like to wear them, and the design of plush is to use thick fabrics to achieve an increase

The effect of a sense of premium

, but slightly fat people wear more fat. Choose the right style and matching method, there are also no

The effect of showing fat.

It’s like wearing a plush jacket with a playful pattern and a skin-revealing agent

The red bandeau,

The aura is very powerful, and the open wear also makes the coat look less heavy.

It can also be made by pairing it with black clothing that hides meat well

A fleece coat does not look fat

。 The combination of red and black is quite good

Cool personality.

Also a fleece coat option,

Dark brown looks thinner than white ones

, because the dark color is not the expansion color, and the collar design of the fleece jacket is not large, so that the dark brown is not


So fat and bloated.

It’s just that the dark fleece coat has a dark color

Disadvantages of a fleece coat

, easy to show old and quite difficult to match is one of them. However, choosing a stylish checked skirt, pairing it with a small sexy vest, or changing to a full light-colored outfit can prevent matching with dark brown

It looks old when the plush coat is added.

●Red coat

There are so many colors of the coat, but there is always only black in the wardrobe of the fat girl, after all, the black thinning effect is very good, but the fat girl is still the most beautiful with confidence, and occasionally have to boldly try more characteristic red to show yourself

Strong temperament.

Among the pure red coats and black and red coats, the latter has a good slimming effect and is quite literary and cool, suitable for matching black clothing. wear

When wearing a solid red coat

, you can match it with black pants to add a sense of coolness and pass the color pair


●How to highlight the curves of the body

When choosing clothing for any season, fat girls do not like to wear colorful clothing, worried about making their figure too conspicuous. Even if there are many people who like to be thin, it does not mean that the fleshy body has no advantages, when wearing colorful clothing, choose to tighten the waist effect obviously, to highlight the vase-like body curve, can show a slender body women cannot

The effect presented.

Therefore, fat girls can also try to be tight

The color is small

Shirt, but pay attention to the sense of fashion, the lower body can not be matched with exactly the same color pants, it is best to choose

Vertical stripe pattern

The design of the stripes accentuates the curves of the figure.

If you are still worried about the sisters who are not good-looking, you can also match an extra one

The outside of the long model

Cover, cover the flesh of the arm, in fact, wearing a blazer or coat jacket to appear thin will be better.

●Cute outfit

Not only sexy clothing is suitable for plus-size sisters, cute clothing is also very suitable for plus-size sisters, rounded body is like

Pixie in cartoons,

However, if you want to highlight your cute temperament, you can’t choose to expose your figure

Cons of clothing.

Wearing suspenders is a good choice, the design of the strap prevents fat appearance, but also hides the very plump curves, so it is very cute. Wear it with a yellow, pink or green shirt, and

Lovely décor, less

The feminine feeling will be more prominent.

For suspenders, it is better to slim down the strap skirt, and it is more girly to hide the small belly.

●Gentle and cute pink cotton clothing

There are many introductions to the clothes inside, and the coats that want to look thin and warm are much less in comparison, and few people can wear the coats to be warm and fashionable. Many people, no matter how cold the weather is, will not pull the zipper of the coat, because they are worried that the effect of wearing it will be

Too fat.

At this time, it is recommended that you choose a pink short cotton suit and change it to


Also, the color should choose Morandi color, with a short model, wear it in dark colors although a little fat

, but cute enough

, casually wear tight pants or short skirts to prevent obesity.

●Black cotton clothing

Compared with colorful cotton clothing, although black cotton clothing is not fashionable and eye-catching enough, it is a clothing style for each person, thin and versatile, unlike when it is difficult to match, almost everyone will

Wear a black cotton jacket or down jacket to go out.

If you want to match the black cotton clothing with a sense of fashion, you must choose blue jeans to add a fashionable effect to the color to prevent the temperament from being too monotonous and ordinary. You can also wear it with brown wide-leg pants,

The aura will be more handsome.

Slightly fat and plus-size women don’t feel inferior, look at the clothes on the streets of the United States, you can find that fat girls also have their own beauty matching skills.