The “Golden Phantom” of Macao’s rich is equipped with 500,000 pairs of gold powder car paint, and the car logo is gold-plated and set with diamonds

The car introduced today is a businessman, his name is Hong Yongshi, this person is estimated to be unknown to everyone, but in Hong Kong and Macao, his reputation is very large, there are many shops, and even involved in the casino business. At the beginning, he bought 30 Rolls-Royces at one time, spent more than 20 million US dollars, and spent more than 100 million to buy a car, which is really a big deal, which is also the largest order that Rolls-Royce has received. What did he buy so many Phantoms for, just to transport noble guests to his hotel and casino, and later because of business, so many cars could not be used, so he sold some of them, only a few left, but two of them were customized versions, and the standard equipment was very high.

For example, this golden phantom is the world’s first, and it is very different from ordinary phantoms in terms of configuration, including the paint is different from ordinary phantoms. You may not be able to see the gap directly, but this car paint is very expensive, in other words, if you need to touch up, you can’t buy it in China, and this car paint can be replaced with a BMW 7 series.

This paint surface is customized, just this paint needs to cost hundreds of thousands, not only has a certain color-blocking process, but each paint is ten layers superimposed together, but the thickness is only more than twice that of ordinary car paint, which shows how high the level of craftsmanship is. And a very thin layer of gold dust is added to the paint, so that the car paint looks golden and has a noble texture.

The configuration of the car logo is also very different, the generally welcome car logo has three categories, in addition to stainless steel and gold plating, there is also a glazed luminous version, the general ordinary version is stainless steel, noble with gold plating, in the expensive can use glass, it costs more than 260,000. And this car uses a pure gold logo, not only that, the front logo is also set with diamonds, as many as 336, the degree of luxury is not to say that you feel slowly.

Entering the car, you can see that the interior configuration is also very high-end, and the interior roof uses a starry sky design, which creates a scene that imitates the real starry sky, and is simulated according to the real scene on the day of the hotel’s construction, which has important commemorative significance. Even the design of the waist line of the car is very special and is hand-painted by professional craftsmen.

Such a high-end phantom may not be able to sit on ordinary people in their lives, which is used to receive very noble guests. Of course, this car also needs a driver to drive, and the pressure of driving this kind of car must be very large, because a little friction, the loss is six figures up, it is estimated that the driver will not be able to pay for a lifetime.

The “Golden Phantom” of Macao’s rich is equipped with 500,000 pairs of gold powder car paint, and the car logo is gold-plated and set with diamonds