How to choose genuine leather clothing of various leather? Introduction to the characteristics of various leathers

There are many types of materials used in genuine leather clothing, and today we will talk about the characteristics of various leather materials.

According to the type of leather, common leather clothing materials generally include sheepskin, goatskin, cowhide and horseskin, and deer leather is also available, but the output is small and the price is high.

< sheepskin >

Now the most common leather used to make leather clothing, the leather is soft and the grain is delicate. Since the tissue contains air, the heat preservation is good. The disadvantage is that the strength and wear resistance are relatively poor, and it is easy to tear if the leather is thin. Due to the large production price, relatively cheap, high wearing comfort, a large number of used to make leather clothing. Most women’s leather clothing is made of sheepskin, and sheepskin also accounts for a large proportion of men’s genuine leather clothing.

Classic stand collar in sheepskin

Sheepskin washed old processing style

< goatskin >

The strength of the relative sheepskin will be better, the surface has its own unique grain is thicker than the sheepskin grain, and the feel is not as delicate as the sheepskin. It is often used to make leather clothing. The classic flight suit G-1 is the goatskin used.

< cowhide >

Cowhide can be said to be the most common leather, widely used, leather clothing, bags, shoes, sofas, car seats, etc. can be said to be everywhere in life. It can be regarded as the best strength among all kinds of leather, and it is generally used to make men’s leather clothing because of its thicker thickness.

Cowhide A-2

Cowhide washed old style

< horse skin >

The horse leather jacket should be regarded as the best textured leather clothing. Because horse skin has good shape, it is easier to develop, and after wearing it for a period of time, the leather clothing will show the body contour of the wearer. However, due to the low output, there are many leather injuries and low utilization rates, resulting in a slightly more expensive price.

Horse Pi classic newsboy model

Mapi Classic Mulholland Road

< deerskin >

It is relatively rare on the market, especially the unique rough grain, the density of leather is small, the leather is lighter, but the strength is very good. Because most of them are wild, the leather material has more disabilities, low utilization rate, and the price is relatively expensive. In the market, sheepskin or goatskin is used to press the lines of deerskin, and there are many deerskins.

The above are several kinds of leather that are often used to make leather clothing, and what is said here is only the characteristics of leather in most cases. Depending on the origin of the original leather, the production process, etc., even the same leather is very different, so it is not possible to generalize. If you are new to leather clothing, it is recommended to start with sheepskin. Cowhide or horse skin, because it is thicker, the horse skin will be relatively hard, and friends who have not worn it may not be able to accept it at once, so you should carefully consider whether to start.

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