Multi-purpose Chongqing office furniture, classic style mesh four-legged chair project case

Standard pose for photography, 45 degree angle POSE

The side shows off the curves of the body even more

Rear side photo, appearance online is not afraid of pickiness

Is the back killer talking about me?

Chongqing office furniture styles with the development of the times are always updated round after round, but just as the ancient saying “classic forever”, a good Chongqing office chair is like the essence of culture, will always be repeatedly accepted and passed down by the majority of users, the so-called wine aroma is not afraid of the deep alley, do not deliberately promote the product with its own advantages to get the recognition of customers, has become decades of Chongqing office furniture evolution in the classic style, even in the rapid development of science and technology, At a time when the office group is gradually younger, this mesh bow office chair still shows its figure in the Chongqing office furniture project and plays its own unique value.

Looking at people looking inside, looking at the quality of a chair can also be evaluated from its interior and skeleton, from the appearance alone, it is not fashionable, ordinary black mesh fabric and gray electroplated tripod simple combination, but may not even the designer of the year did not expect that the biggest feature of stability has been deeply imprinted into the genes of this Chongqing office furniture office chair from the beginning of the design. For stability, its frame is a simple four-legged design, with contact points with the ground concentrated into the four corners of the plane. The steel frame under the seat surface is crossed in a cross shape, and the mutual support traction prevents desoldering due to lateral forces. Also for stability, the steel frame extends upwards to the armrests and backrest area, so that the strength of the upper body can also be shared by the chair. For stability, the seemingly simple steel tripod uses thickened double-layer steel pipes, combined with the latest hot bending technology, and is foolproof in terms of material and process.

People rely on clothes and horses to saddle up, the appearance of this Chongqing office chair is also worthy of your praise, although it was designed many years ago, but the appearance is still no less beautiful in the present. Many young users are favorite streamlined in this Chongqing office chair can also be seen, such as the chair frame, not simply stunned four legs, the upper armrest and backrest of the chair body are bent by the hot bending process, with the curve of the backrest itself, from the side of this Chongqing office furniture overall soft and close, while enthusiastic, to the serious office atmosphere to bring a touch of agility. The curved design of PP material on the armrest surface also plays a decorative role in the appearance of this Chongqing office chair, which not only achieves the smoothness of appearance but also solves the problem of user comfort by slightly arching upwards.

Real shot of the case with a small conference table

The contact surface is the most important thing, which determines the longevity and tactile feel of this Chongqing office chair. The back of the chair and seat are made of Yida brand fabric, which is also the most high-tech part of this Chongqing office furniture. The reason why this Chongqing office chair can become a frequent visitor to the office or even the “elder of several dynasties” is inseparable from its strict materials, excellent mesh material can solve the aging and deformation problem used for many years, and excellent mesh material can solve the problem of breathable and skin-friendly seat surface.

Paired with folding bar tables, it can be used in medium to large training rooms or meeting rooms

Multi-purpose is one of the highlights of this Chongqing office furniture, and we can see it on many occasions. In addition to being a classic conference chair, it is also an office chair for many employees who do not like swivel chairs, because its specifications and dimensions meet the requirements of employee chairs, and the price does not exceed the regulations. At the same time, this mesh bow chair can also be used with the negotiation table as a negotiation chair, which is also suitable for business reception. It is also suitable for matching the training room with a conference table or a folding table.