Many parents may think wrong, and pay more attention to these aspects when wearing open pants for their babies

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Many parents will begin to prepare a variety of things before the baby is born, and one of the items prepared for the baby is open pants, but some mothers are a little reluctant to wear open pants for the baby, on the one hand, they feel that the baby’s butt is exposed not only not good-looking, but also worried that it will be cold to the butt in winter, on the other hand, they are also worried that bacteria may enter the body through the baby’s genitals, so they will not wear open pants for the child.

In fact, because babies in infancy have more times to defecate and often cannot control themselves, parents put on open-crotch pants for babies, which is convenient for babies to defecate. Open pants are more convenient for babies and parents, but do parents know what kind of baby should wear open pants at what time? How should I protect my baby’s little butt if I wear open pants? Let’s find out together today.

Babies in different months should wear different open pants

When wearing open pants, parents should use different methods depending on the size of the baby’s month. Before your baby can climb, you can put on diapers and then open pants. When your baby can crawl, he must change into a full pair of pants. Of course, in order to facilitate the baby’s urine, you can put a full crotch pants on the outside of the open pants for the baby in winter, and it is also convenient for the baby to put on and take off when it is hygienic. In the summer, you can let your baby try on small panties.

When wearing open pants for the baby, parents should also pay attention to try to avoid the disadvantages caused by open pants. For baby boys, disposable diapers can be used to protect the perineum, and if it is a baby girl, you need to nail the button to the open pants, pull it when you need to urinate, and button it when you don’t need it. When the baby reaches one and a half years old, parents will start teaching the baby to use the toilet on his own.

Open pants should only be worn when your baby is at home

When the baby is at home, you can let him wear open pants, which is also convenient for parents to change the baby’s diaper, if you want your baby to practice urinating on the potty, it is more appropriate to wear open pants at home. However, when taking the baby out, you can wear open pants inside, preferably with a diaper, and then put the full crotch pants outside, which can not only protect the baby from bacteria, but also appear more civilized in public places.

Compared to male babies, female babies have a shorter urethra and are susceptible to bacterial infections. Therefore, parents should according to the special physiological characteristics of baby girls, it is best to add diapers with strong water absorption and good breathability when using open pants. At the same time, change the baby to maintain hygiene, and wash the baby’s vulva after stool to prevent feces from cleaning and polluting the perineal area.

How should parents protect your baby’s buttocks?

Because the baby’s little butt is very sensitive. If parents do not pay attention to nursing, it is easy to get sick. Therefore, parents must take some measures to protect themselves and their babies.

1. Clean your baby’s buttocks every day and keep them clean.

Especially in summer, when the body is more exposed, when the child sits on the floor with his bare buttocks or when the family plays with pets, the baby will be easily infected with creeping rash without paying attention to hygiene and washing hands.

2. Families with pets should pay extra attention to hygiene.

Many families have small animals, and the larvae of the parasite are mainly found in cats and dogs. After a pet is infected with parasites, soil mixed with cat and dog feces will be present at home and outside. If you have a baby at home, you should pay more attention to hygiene, because even if the baby’s skin is not broken, parasites can enter the baby’s body through skin pores and sweat glands. Therefore, families with pets must always pay attention to cleaning, do a good job of removing insects from pets, and do a good job of hygiene.

Why should girls over the age of one avoid wearing open pants?

If the little girl is over 1 year old and still wearing open pants, then it is not good for her body.

Because the baby girl’s estrogen levels are low, the vulvar skin is weak and susceptible to bacterial infection. When a baby girl wears open pants and cannot keep the vulva clean, it is easy to cause vaginitis, vulvitis, etc., and in severe cases, it will make it difficult to urinate. Especially when the child is young and insensible, wearing open pants will mistakenly enter the vagina, leading to bacterial infection and even sepsis.

So open pants are not suitable for baby girls. For the healthy growth of children, it is recommended that parents do not let their baby girls wear open pants all the time. After the baby girl is 1 year old, when she is able to control her bowel movements, she must change her crotch pants.

Therefore, whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, if the baby is wearing open pants after birth, then when the baby is one year old, parents should pay attention to training the baby to learn to go to the toilet, and wear pants that are easier to put on and take off for the baby or nail snaps on the pants. Winter trousers can be covered with full crotch pants over open pants. This is more convenient and hygienic, and the baby can gradually learn to urinate and urinate on his own without soiling his pants.

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