30-year-old Tan Songyun walked the airport in a low-key manner, wearing a floral skirt with high-top Martin boots, netizens: like a high school student

Tan Songyun has always given people a sense of immediacy of a high school student, in addition to her often playing the role of a high school student, but also because she has a childlike face, as a 30-year-old person, Tan Songyun’s appearance is still like 18 years old, real anti-aging growth, and even many people know that Tan Songyun will be quite surprised after the age of 30.

Recently, Tan Songyun appeared at the airport in a low-key manner, in fact, for many years since his debut, Tan Songyun’s popularity has not been very high, and there are really not many works that can be said to be named, so Tan Songyun who appeared at the airport is not as pompous as other female stars, that is, it is very casual to appear, it seems that Tan Songyun did not do any styling, a long hair casually draped on the shoulders, hair color also looks particularly smooth.

The long hair style in the middle point adds a sense of maturity to Tan Songyun, but Tan Songyun still looks like an 18-year-old overall, Tan Songyun’s head and face are particularly small, after wearing a mask, the whole person’s face is completely covered by the mask, only revealing the forehead and a pair of big eyes, although it is 30 years old, but Tan Songyun’s eyes still have a childlike feeling, full of youthful atmosphere.

But this time appeared at the airport, Tan Songyun’s outfit is still relatively mature and atmospheric, Tan Songyun’s skin is very fair, so in the choice of clothing, the range of choices is also particularly wide, just like her in the photo, chose a green dress dress, the emerald green color upper body still did not make Tan Songyun’s skin look particularly dark, but made her skin more white, the emerald green small flower pattern on the skirt also made Tan Songyun’s temperament more outstanding, the whole dress has a small fresh breath, And especially age-reducing.

Tan Songyun’s height is relatively petite, even if you sit down, you can feel her short proportions, and her figure is definitely not a big beauty type of figure, so she sat down in a dress, revealing a pair of calves, but the calves look flesh, inexplicably making Tan Songyun have a feeling of age reduction and cuteness.

Although wearing thick-soled black Martin boots, Tan Songyun is still not as tall as the assistant on the side, it can be seen that her figure is petite, 30 years old, but the whole person still looks like a high school student to reduce age, outside the emerald green long floral skirt, Tan Songyun matched a black long thin trench coat, the light jacket is versatile on the upper body, and suppresses the exaggerated sense of the color of the dress, and the feet are matched with black tall Martin boots, both small feminine and handsome.

Mature style of dressing up makes Tan Songyun’s whole temperament completely change a different feeling, Tan Songyun in the photo has long curly hair and air bangs, which makes her look more feminine, no longer so like a high school student, wearing this set of clothing is also very strong career women’s taste, a complete set of dark brown khaki blazers with suit pants, the color is more old-fashioned, so Tan Songyun paired a colorful print satin shirt inside the blazer, bright color shirt makes the whole outfit add more highlights.

With a pair of pure white high socks on the feet, and a pair of pure white flat sneakers, although Tan Songyun’s figure is relatively petite, but Tan Songyun still looks good in flat shoes, and the white sneakers also look clean and handsome, and the clothing is very versatile.

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