Can blue bubble toilet blocks still work? Isn’t it something eliminated? My aunt said I was lonely

The new smart toilet lid at home is very happy to use, but the weekly cleaning of the toilet gives me a headache, and then my aunt recommended me to buy a blue bubble toilet block, throw one in the toilet tank, so I don’t have to deliberately clean the toilet! I was stunned at first! And then tell my aunt, didn’t the blue bubble toilet block say that it was eliminated? It is also said that the water in the toilet will flow back into the faucet, and even corrode the glaze of the toilet, and the cleaner it is, the easier it is to get dirty.

The aunt was also stunned! Say why am I so lonely, the toilet block is not as bad as I think!

I said why, so my aunt started talking to me about science.

Let’s first understand what is a blue bubble toilet block and is it harmful in itself? You can go to observe the products you bought, the composition of blue bubbles is very simple, detergents, bactericides and flavors, etc., directly soluble in water, if you want to clean it must be with irritating ingredients, so you can not touch it directly with your hands, can not eat by mistake.

So what we are all worried about is not the use of toilet toilet blue bubbles themselves, but the worry that it will flow back, many people report that when they open the washstand or kitchen faucet, blue liquid will flow out, so they begin to panic that blue bubbles are toxic!

Indeed, the backflow of the toilet tank, causing the blue liquid to come out of the faucet is very scary, and some people think that it is precisely because of the blue bubble that you know that for so many years, you have used the water in the toilet tank, which is really strange and disgusting.

However, the probability of toilet tank backflow is very small and is an extreme case.

Toilet tank return appears in the stage of water stoppage, at this time the return of water will occur, if your toilet has an anti-siphon function is fine, then what is the function of anti-siphon? That is, when the water stops, the internal pressure gradually decreases, so the anti-siphon rubber pad falls, and the air will enter the water supply pipe, which can prevent the water in the tank from flowing back into the domestic water when the water comes.

If the toilet you buy does not have an anti-siphon function or has failed to use for many years, it will flow back when the negative pressure occurs, so don’t blame the blue bubble anymore, this pot of blue bubbles does not back, it must be your toilet broken, to repair it in time.

Then some people will ask, there is no water stop at home, but it still flows back, this situation is because the inlet pipe of the toilet is submerged in the water tank, indicating that the float valve is broken or the water pressure is too high The indirect cause appears.

Of course, now many new developers in the construction of the house, has implemented a double water supply system, to achieve toilet water and domestic water two systems, if you are not sure, you can put the toilet block for a period of time, see if their home is good to return, will, find professional personnel to repair, see what the specific situation is.

Really don’t worry, install an extra water purifier system at home, or install a check valve in the water tank, long-term fixed use of toilet block blue bubble cleaning, encounter blue water more release, try to use boiled water will be safe, the heart is also assured.

Finally, the bathroom network teaches everyone a good way to replace the toilet block

Use lemon descaler and flour, first sprinkle flour on the inner wall of the toilet, then spray acetic acid, and gently brush with a brush to clean, there are no harmful ingredients and cheap, and the cleaning effect is good. Swap flour for baking soda, mix with aromatic essential oils, or replace lemon descaler with white vinegar, and replace flour with starch, in short, these can be mixed casually to achieve a cleaning effect. There is no need to worry about the reflux of blue liquid, which will affect your health.

Come and try it!

Discuss, is your home still cleaning with blue bubbles in the toilet block?