Ingenuity to create professional anti-slip, 619 anti-slip shoes care for the safety of family members

Relevant studies have shown that more than 10 million people in China are injured by slips and falls every year, and the number of deaths caused by slips and falls is as high as 300,000, of which the elderly over 60 years old account for the largest proportion. The high cost of treatment after a fall injury and the long period of treatment and recovery are difficult for ordinary families to bear, so slip and fall injuries can be described as costly, time-consuming and costly, hurting the body and heart.

This shows how important it is for the elderly to have a pair of real non-slip shoes, otherwise travel will be “scary”. It is based on this socialized demand and the company’s own good development foundation, Guangzhou Han Yier Shoes Trading Co., Ltd. has made great efforts to create 619 anti-slip shoes, and has also become a leading brand in the field of anti-slip shoes with its solid and leading anti-slip technology.

Do not forget the original intention, and take care of the safety of your family

Nowadays, the facilities and equipment in various places are becoming more and more advanced, marble tiles, elevators and so on, and the elderly will always encounter many crises. Slipping to falls has become the number one “killer” of accidental injuries of the elderly, and has also become the “sword of Damocles” hanging over the heads of young people.

The founder of 619 non-slip shoes has really experienced the taste of it. A few years ago, he lost two relatives in quick succession due to an accidental fall. After 25 years in the footwear industry, he deeply blamed himself, why can’t he make a non-slip shoe that can be used in oil, water, shower gel, shampoo and other places that are prone to slipping, so as to better protect his loved ones?

The next day, he bought a variety of non-slip shoes from the market to try them on, but none of them satisfied him. So he competed with a pair of real non-slip shoes, and after continuous testing, constant challenges and breakthroughs. After spending millions of R&D funds, he finally succeeded in solving the technical problem of non-slip negatives and produced the first generation of non-slip shoes. After relevant tests, the effect of the new anti-slip shoes ranks first in the industry, and the anti-slip effect is far ahead.

In the eyes of the century-old shoe guy of the founder of the brand, a pair of real non-slip shoes not only solves the problem of walking in shoes, but also saves money, worry, pain, pain, time, family conflicts, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship and many unexpected advantages. So the founder of the brand named 619 for the non-slip shoes, he believes that 6 represents harmony, care and nurture; 1 represents the sun, sound; 9 stands for great love, always moving forward.

Ingenuity, the industry is far ahead of the non-slip shoes

Market research shows that there are many elderly shoes products, and the prices are uneven, from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan. And the brands are diverse, and the sales have reached hundreds of billions. However, most of them are anti-slip as a gimmick, and their products are not really effective anti-slip.

In order to completely solve the anti-slip problem, the brand has invested heavily in the establishment of a core technology research and development team with more than 20 years of shoe R & D and production cost control experience, decades of supply chain resource integration experience, more than 10 years of 3D custom shoe last data accumulation experience and many years of experience in market research and collection of the elderly industry, and finally formed a core competitiveness that other brands cannot match.

619 anti-slip shoe system anti-slip [waterproof and oilproof, anti-ice and snowproof] as standard, as well as terahertz, quantum, high magnetism, physical therapy [massage, weight-bearing, walking, heightening, five vertebrae, diabetes, shock absorption energy absorption, anti-static, positioning shoes, catering work shoes], 3D customized shoes, driver shoes and other products, can meet the needs of insufficient people.

After the evaluation of authoritative testing institutions and the personal experience of many customers, the effect of 619 anti-slip shoes can be effectively anti-slip, and can be widely used in oily water, wetlands, humid environment back to the south of the sky, moss, slush and other slippery areas. In addition, all types of products are of good quality and fashionable, comfortable for men and women, young and old, and are essential for home travel.

Caring for your family, especially your parents’ health, starts by buying a pair of non-slip shoes for your parents.

Talking about the future development of the company, the founder Centennial Shoe said

In the future, the brand will still stick to its original intention to achieve the corporate mission of paying attention to the safety of family members and preventing accidental slipping and falling of the elderly; And adhere to the professional elderly anti-slip shoes as the core, improve product quality, continue to derive product width, provide more and better products for the market, so that the 619 anti-slip shoes brand into hundreds of millions of families and care for the safety of families.