The bar is a restaurant, too personal! Foshan four-bedroom case, Mediterranean style to create a romantic and exotic style

The Mediterranean style is indispensable to the classic blue and white combination, and the use of arches is still more in line with the style characteristics. The arches everywhere outline a unique elegance, as if you are in the architectural complex of ancient Europe. In this quiet, slow, warm and natural space, feel the beauty of life. At the same time, a shoe cabinet and a dining table are also designed to separate the entrance area, giving people a reasonable sense of planning.

Unit type: 4 bedrooms

Style: Mediterranean style

The classic blue and white combination, the curved arches everywhere give the feeling of being in the architectural complex of ancient Europe.

The small bar counter is also a restaurant, independent in a large space, which seems a little unreasonable but not obtrusive.

The background wall decoration of vertical lines is matched with the white suspended ceiling to extend the visual sense, and the high floors create the visual effect of a large space.

The study room gives a fresh and comfortable feeling, and you can feel the natural smell of the sea.

The bathroom design highlights the freshness of nature, the glass partition makes the space appear large, and natural light can also be well transmitted.

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