Elegant and new, early autumn fat eyebrow knit, lace top, T-shirt dress

#Tops Recommended#

1. Sexy split color bottom knitwear, a diagonal stripe on the big round neck, very personal, very sexy design! The loose fit can be worn as a loose sweater.

2. Sexy thin neckline, wavy lace T-shirt. A large collar, you can wear it under the shoulders, very sexy and very feminine. Large wavy neckline, elegant to wear, temperament. The autumn and winter priming is very beautiful!

3, sweet temperament lace sexy openwork lace top, the pattern on the lace is a small circle flower, plus the neckline and cuffs of the small lace, it is very delicate and sweet to wear.

4, trendy owl print cotton T-shirt, a very casual T, Sassafras sleeve color-block design, very baseball jersey feeling. The owl print on the front is fresh and stylish to wear.

5. Super thin and fresh small broken flowers, fishtail skirt bottom dress. Fresh little floral flower dress, super beautiful to wear! The loose straight fit is very skinny, and the fishtail skirt design is even more elegant and ladylike.

6. Elegant thin lace shirt, small horn, cropped sleeves, openwork lace, very temperamental to wear! It looks great on its own, and you can wear it with a coat and skirt in autumn

7, kitten embroidered large size plaid shirt, high-waist short design oh, with a small skirt underneath is good-looking, a kitten head appears on the pocket, looks very cute!

8, sweet doll collar sheer mesh thin T-shirt, very sweet undershirt, white doll collar to wear very age-reducing, sleeves and upper half spliced sheer mesh, sexy and elegant to wear, the pattern on the mesh is a small starry sky, very romantic, feminine Oh ~ basic black, bottom single wear, are a good looking one Oh!

9. Small fresh carrot embroidered cotton T-shirt, a small radish embroidered on the chest, it is particularly fresh and sweet to wear. A very versatile one, wearing a trench coat, coat, strap skirt and everything looks good!

10, still casual Garfield print loose pullover sweatshirt, a very pleasing one, everyone loves Garfield, oversized avatar, looks super cute! The fit is loose and suitable for fat girls.

11, OL fresh pinstripe shirt, striped shirt design is very casual, there are small folds at the shoulders, there is a small pocket in front, it is very fresh to wear, can be worn amateur at work, light blue is also very good to match Oh, super temperament!

12, thin front and rear V-neck modal bottom T-shirt, wearing a very thin undershirt, wearing is very high-grade Oh! Seven-point sleeves front and back double V-neck design, very Korean style, a foreign style thin T-shirt, the bottom is practical to wear!

#Dress Recommendation#

1, V-neck knitted woolen dress, a sweater skirt with a sense of design, with a large V-neck at the front and back, and V-shaped hollows at the shoulders, super feminine to wear, super sexy!

2. Reduce age and show thin and fresh strap skirt, waist golden ratio, wear it to show long legs! Wear it with my bell sleeve lace shirt, it’s absolutely beautiful!

3, lace top + strap skirt set, a set of skirts that look very thin to wear, the lace inside is completely transparent Oh, there is no inside, if you wear it alone, you have to accompany the suspenders. A dress that is sexy and elegant to wear, fresh and sweet. To tie a bow on the back, it is even sweeter and more Oh, the skirt drapes very well, has elasticity, and a set is super thin with it!

4, sexy lace super skinny denim dress, very sweet peach heart chest design, sexy and not exposed, dark blue soft denim spliced high-grade black lace, wearing a loved model, thin and elegant! Autumn and winter with all kinds of coats are beautiful!

#Outerwear Recommendation#

1. Temperament lady openwork flower mid-length coat, air layer openwork burnt flower coat, wear it is structured and stylish, show temperament, very ladylike Oh. The mid-length fit is a favorite of fat girls, which can cover the flesh on the hips and waist, and looks very thin to wear.

2. Thickened knitted jacket, thick stick knit, long loose design, very casual to wear.

3. Sports sweatshirt cardigan, mid-length athleisure jacket, threaded small stand collar and stripe print on the sleeves are very fashionable to wear, black, simple and loose fit, covering flesh and showing thinness. It has a certain thickness for autumn wear, and it is easy to go out with T-shirt jeans!


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