The unpaid CBA dispute fine was suspended, and the time of Guo’s second appeal return was a mystery

Reporter | Joe enlightened

On the evening of October 21, 2021, Beijing time, in the third round of the 2021-2022 CBA regular season, the Liaoning men’s basketball team defeated its opponent Jilin 103-88, achieving three consecutive wins at the beginning of the new season.

However, the main point guard of Liaoning basketball, Allen Guo, still did not appear on the court.

A few days after arriving in Zhuji Division, Allen Guo painted in this style on social media:

On October 18, “Whatever the outcome… Be happy and live.”

On October 19, “Hon…”, accompanied by training photos.

On October 21, he posted a selfie with the text “Today is not honing, grinding bald skin again, lying down today”.

Due to the non-payment of the fine issued by the league last season, Guo Allen has not been given a chance to play so far.

After the second round of the game on October 19, Liao basketball coach Yang Ming was asked if he had any predictions for when Allen Guo would return, and Yang Ming simply replied: “No.”

It all went back about a year ago, and in November 2020, a document issued by the CBA league went viral. The penalty is for illegal wearing of league sponsor competitors in the league.

The Disciplinary Guidelines for the Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League stipulate that “in the process of traveling to and from the stadium and residence with the club, athletes and members of the coaching staff fail to wear or use equipment and accessories designated by the strategic partners of the league in accordance with the regulations.” or if an athlete or member of the coaching staff wears, uses, wears, or displays products, logos, slogans or mascots of competing brands of strategic league partners on the above occasions,” the CBA disciplinary department has the right to impose penalties.

Allen Guo received the largest fine – 4 violations, and he had to pay a fine of 1.15 million yuan. Guangdong head coach Du Feng and four players Xu Jie, Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan and Wang Xinkai are also on the list.

The report involved 21 violations, and the CBA said in the letter that the fines were for “strict league discipline and the legitimate rights and interests of sponsors.”

According to the documents, three of Guo’s four violations were “traveling with the club to and from the stadium and residence”, and all three pictures showed him wearing a Li-Ning competitor’s backpack.

But the point of contention is that most of the cases targeted by the fines were concentrated in the 2019-2020 season, which was nearly three months before the end of the season. According to the Disciplinary Code, the disciplinary department should be notified and criticized for the first violation, and Guo Allen, who had not received any reminders before, was charged with a huge fine at one time.

The CBA requires that fines be paid by 10 a.m. on December 14, 2020, otherwise players and coaches will be automatically suspended and restricted from engaging in league-related activities.

Subsequently, a number of players filed a collective complaint, and their appearances were temporarily unaffected.

The incident finally took a new turn this summer.

Basketball media person Su Qun recently revealed on social media, “In July, the CBA held a hearing, and 1.15 million was reduced to 650,000, but everyone on hold is a huge amount of money. Why was it reduced by 500,000? Not known, and no explanation. Gao Peng, a reporter from the Liaoshen Evening News, mentioned that the amount of the fine for a player who was originally fined 500,000 yuan for a violation was also adjusted to 150,000.

Although the number of fines has been reduced, there is still no clear explanation of what basis or standard the CBA refers to.

According to the Shenyang Daily, the Guangdong team considered participating in the championship ring award ceremony, made the relevant personnel pay the fine in the way that the club bore half of it, and made a smooth appearance in the opening game.

Allen Guo chose to file another complaint. As for when he will return, it has become a big mystery in the new CBA season.