Guo Jingjing rarely wears a skirt! and Huo Qigang watched Cantonese opera to enjoy the world of two, and his temperament was prominent and eye-catching

It is said that “once you enter a wealthy family, it is as deep as the sea”, but diving queen Guo Jingjing seems to be an exception. After she married her rich husband Huo Qigang, she did not stage the so-called bloody rich plot, on the contrary, their lives were very low-key. The two now have three children together, and the family of five is warm and happy.

Recently, the domestic film and television industry has been tense, and the delay in opening theaters has caused a lot of discussion, and Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing, as enthusiastic participants in social welfare activities, and have the influence of the Huo family, have not turned a blind eye to such a situation.

On the evening of June 20, Huo Qigang posted photos on his personal social platform, and his wife Guo Jingjing went to watch the performance of Cantonese opera “Painted Skin”, and put forward a lot of benign suggestions for today’s more severe theater industry.

The two took a photo with the actors after watching the stage, Guo Jingjing appeared all over the camera, and this time he went out unexpectedly wearing a skirt, which was very eye-catching.

Changing the casual style of the past, Guo Jingjing dressed up that day to highlight intellectual elegance, sleeveless white chiffon shirt with black and white printed long skirt, black high-heeled sandals under the feet, revealing beautiful ankles, short hair shoulder-length, although not a little powder, but the temperament is very prominent, eye-catching.

For a long time, Guo Jingjing’s appearance has been controversial, in the public impression, a wealthy daughter-in-law should be fashionable and beautiful models, actors, no matter how bad it is, she also has a strong family background support.

After Guo Jingjing married into the Huo family, she was rumored to be “not social and not good at dressing up”, which attracted a lot of gossip, and there were rumors that she was harshly criticized by her husband’s cousin and was not worthy of the Huo family.

But in fact, looking back on the years when Huo Qigang chased her, Guo Jingjing was still beautiful, and the charm was so great that Huo Qigang chased all over the world.

Guo Jingjing was born in 1981, began diving training at a young age, and entered the national diving team at the age of 12. Her fame at the 2004 Athens Olympics made everyone remember her name, and she became a new generation of diving queens.

The plain Guo Jing’s eyebrows are slender and sharp, very Hong Kong star, and her tall nose also appears to have three-dimensional facial features, which is perfect to describe her with hibiscus water.

Among the athletes, Guo Jingjing’s appearance is also very prominent, pure and beautiful, and her crooked eyes are very charming, and she is recognized as an athlete beauty. This also made Huo Qigang, the eldest son of the Huo family, chase her relentlessly, and personally acted as a “standing brother” chasing Guo Jingjing all over the world, very dedicated, which shows how attractive she was when she was young.

Since the two were exposed in 2004, they have been in love sweetly for 8 years. Judging from some group photos, Guo Jingjing is really beautiful, and even does not lose to some actresses, coupled with the blessing of the Olympic champion, Huo Qigang was once said by the Hong Kong media to be a man who married a “national treasure”.

And Huo Qigang is also very intimate with Guo Jingjing, not only running around the world with a “cannon” during the game, but also being photographed being jealous and angry when falling in love and running to the side of the road in the middle of the night to call friends to complain, or Guo Jingjing and his friends drove out to pull him back to avoid being photographed by paparazzi, which shows Huo Qigang’s infatuation with Guo Jingjing.

Moreover, don’t look at Guo Jingjing’s soft and weak appearance, looking very good “bullied”, but in fact, she is a very personality. At the beginning, some media asked her maliciously: “What do you think of Huo Qigang’s wealthy background?” Guo Jingjing said calmly: “He is a giant, I am a world champion.” ”

A word is not humble or promiscuous, did not refute the other party, but also pointed out their own strength, emotional intelligence should not be underestimated.

From the world champion to the current wealthy daughter-in-law, Guo Jingjing is not the Cinderella who waits for redemption and looks forward to marrying the prince in fairy tales, but a “diving queen” who wins the respect of the Huo family step by step.

Although she has become a wealthy queen mother, her habit of being diligent and thrifty does not change, and it seems different from other “enchanting women” painting style, but if she dresses up as bright and moving, not only has a super high appearance but also has an outstanding temperament, not losing to any female star, Huo Qigang is indeed a good eye.

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