Men who have really seen the world generally do not wear these “1 shoes and 2 pants”, greasy and tasteless

In the eyes of the regular public, the image of boys does not seem to be so important, because their greatest charm is not here. However, with the development of fashion, boys are now paying more and more attention to their own image, not as delicate as girls, and they must work hard to dress up before going out, at least to be clean and refreshing. Add the right outfit to highlight good clothes, and you can stand out.

Men’s outfit is actually not troublesome, just need to simply avoid the “minefield”, so where should you pay attention? Men who have really seen the world generally do not wear these “1 shoes and 2 pants”, greasy and tasteless. Then next Sister Cat will talk about which “1 shoe and 2 pants” it is, and how to wear it to be refreshing and advanced.

1. It is not recommended to wear these shoes

If you want to say that the minestepping in men’s shoes ranks first, it must be Beanie shoes. In fact, beanie shoes are quite comfortable to wear, and the right combination can also wear the confidence of successful men. It’s just that with everyone’s blind matching of beanie shoes, today’s beanie shoes have been greatly discounted.

It’s just that many boys think that beanie shoes symbolize high-class temperament, and do not pay attention to dressing skills, resulting in beanie shoes becoming synonymous with rustic and cheap, and becoming “spirit guys” in seconds after wearing them. It is even more difficult to wear beanie shoes with temperament.

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The same flat and comfortable shoes, it is better to change to canvas shoes and casual shoes, comfortable, refreshing, do not need to deliberately create, you can wear a sense of fashion. Whether it is a simple model with a solid color or a casual atmosphere with elements.

There are no restrictions on style, daily street casual style, with sports-style baseball uniform jackets can show a handsome style; Want to show a sense of high-end with coats, suit pants are also completely held, this combination of high-end sense and casual can better reflect fashion taste, but also alleviate stereotypes.

Second, it is not recommended to wear these two pairs of pants

(1): Leggings

Leggings are worthy of a fit, completely outline the leg line, and if not paired with a mid-length top, even the hips will be fully exposed, which is a very provocative pants. Boys’ legs will have obvious muscles, and such leg shapes will naturally not look good in tight pants.

Even if the legs are slender enough to control the tights, the style presented will feel inconsistent, and the tight fit fits with the femininity of girls, which is small for boys, embarrassing and ugly. Therefore, the first thing that needs to be “lightning protection” is leggings.

(2): Low-crotch harem pants

The second pair of pants that are not recommended to choose is low-crotch harlan pants. The shape of harlan pants tends to be wide and narrow at the top, with a sense of hip-hop trend. The looseness of the waist and crotch of the low-crotch Harlan pants will be more obvious, but it will appear a little draggy, not smart and concise.

Not to mention that boys’ body proportions are often not dominant, and low-grade Harlan pants will only lower the visual center, visually resulting in a figure of five or five, looking short and dragging. Therefore, it is not recommended for boys to choose low-crotch harem pants, especially small boys.

Demonstration 1: Wide-leg pants

The popularity of wide-leg pants in pants has always been high, and girls like its atmospheric fashion sense and strong inclusiveness. Boys can wear more wide-leg pants, the style is atmospheric and chic, after wearing it can show people a kind of jade tree style, effortlessly can wear a sense of fashion.

And wide-leg pants also have a big advantage, that is, they are friendly enough for the legs, even boys with a slightly fat body can easily handle them, and the loose feeling of wide-leg pants helps cover the leg line to appear thin. In particular, black wide-leg pants have a visual shrinkage effect and can further show thinness.

Demonstration 2: Cropped pipe pants

Although wide-leg pants hide meat and atmosphere, it is still difficult for small boys to control, because the height is not enough, if the length and width of the pants are not selected appropriately, it will cause the effect of dragging and showing shortness. Then it is recommended to try cropped pipe pants, which are more capable and concise.

The pants of the cropped pipe pants are also narrow and wide at the top, but the lines are smoother. In particular, the cigarette tube pants of suit fabric have a strong sense of simplicity and neatness, and they are high-end on the street every day, and they are formal enough to create workplace wear.

And the length of the cropped is also just right, with shallow shoes can expose the ankle part, so that the simple effect of the pipe pants is more obvious, even small boys can control without pressure. However, it is relatively cold in winter, it is recommended to wear stockings to keep warm~

Well, this is the end of the introduction of “1 shoe and 2 pants” that boys are not recommended to wear, avoid these “minefields” and choose the right combination refreshing and advanced.

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