This summer, have you GOT the beauty of bow slippers?

Every woman has a girl living in her heart, and besides lace, the element that best reflects their girlish heart is the bow! So nowadays, many clothing or bags also capture the mentality of popular women eager to show their girlish feelings, and also greatly make the bow fire! So, when it comes to the popular bow, we have to talk about the popular PUMA bow slippers!

PUMA bow slippers are launched by popular singer Rihanna and PUMA joint series Fenty x Puma, and once released, they have been loved and sought after by fashion trendsetters from all walks of life. And for this slippers, Sister Rui herself is not particularly interested, but everyone has a curiosity, they all want to see what charm it has that can make so many people pay for it!

Below is the popular satin bow slippers! The smooth and supple satin material shows high quality, and it can also set off the casual beauty and cuteness of women under the background of warm colors.

In this bow slippers, PUMA also boldly chose olive green and silver pink, although olive green is usually difficult to wear, but here it better fits Rihanna’s iconic Bad girl temperament and highlights more casualness.

And silver pink not only conforms to the aesthetic preferences of popular women, plus bow elements make people look more delicate and cute, and has a small femininity, wearing it is simply a little public temperament!

So now, have the girls got the beauty of bow slippers? Slippers always add color to the dull summer and better help girls free their feet! As for whether to choose such a style of slippers, Sister Rui still reminds beauty seekers that they must adhere to this principle: there are not many shoes, just like it!