New York Fashion Week jeans are a demon! There are all kinds of trendy wearing methods, I’m afraid you don’t dare to innovate

Jeans are the “big red people” in the fashion circle, and they will become outliers if they are not careful, and they are so exciting to wear

Denim elements are basically not rejected by every girl, but it does not mean that every girl will wear them. At this year’s New York Fashion Week, hipsters have completely unlocked the latest ways to wear denim, which is simply the most correct way to open denim items, and it should be completely worth it.

Look1: denim jacket + denim skirt

Inside is a basic white T-shirt, the lower body is a denim blue hip skirt, and the jacket chosen for the upper body is also the same color. What’s particularly bright about this outfit is that it’s a patchwork with denim and weave elements. In addition, this blue color looks particularly crystal clear, and it looks just right with a white undershirt. Stylish and personal.

Relatively speaking, this match is much simpler, with a black camisole and a retro-style washed white denim skirt on the lower body. The skirt is made with a rough edge treatment around the hips, which looks particularly sexy and personal. The denim jacket chosen for the upper body is also the same retro style, and the high-waisted punk design adds to the street feel.

Look2: Jeans

These trousers also use a stitching process, which is a combination of leather and denim materials. In addition, it is a ripped design, so it is particularly personal and stylish. The upper body is matched with a white crewneck letter basic T-shirt, because the design of the lower body is enough, so the clothes of the upper body should be mainly simple.

I believe the girls already know that this asymmetrical model is so popular this year. These jeans are also treated asymmetrically, using different colors to create an absolute sense of fashion. A black bandeau is worn over the upper body, and a light-colored high-waisted denim jacket is worn on the outside. With such a combination, why worry about not being fashionable?

Generally speaking, if the design of the outer layer or pants is strong, then the inner layer will choose a simpler style, so the pair with jeans is often a basic T-shirt. That’s what this outfit is, with a coloured T-shirt underneath and light-coloured high-waisted ripped jeans for the bottom. The focus is on the denim jacket chosen, which is a patchwork. Not only is the color more distinct, but the style is also close to the beggar style. The whole matching method is not complicated, but the sense of fashion is particularly strong.

The main attraction of this outfit is still on the outside, so the inner layer still chooses a simple white high-waist T-shirt. The lower body is paired with a high-waisted denim wide-leg shorts, and the upper body is paired with the same hip-hop denim jacket. The whole outfit does not have too many elements, it is matched with off-white letters and patterns, which is simple and impossible to ignore.

Look3: denim jacket + slacks

In addition to choosing a denim outfit, you can also choose just a denim long tunic. Wear yours over a skinny black undershirt and high-waisted wide-leg pants and a long washed white denim jacket. The print of this coat is oracle, which is particularly high-class.

In addition to the long model, the short style is also good. The underwear is a light blue horizontal striped undershirt, and the bottom is a choice of white high-waisted wide-leg pants. Wear it over a sky-blue furry denim high-waisted jacket, this denim jacket is relatively simple, but it is because of its existence that it enhances the texture of the whole outfit.

Look4: Denim jumpsuit

Speaking of denim, how can you miss this jumpsuit? Among all the styles of jumpsuits, the cargo style is the favorite model of people in Europe and the United States. Because the workwear style is personal enough, and at the same time casual and handsome. Each of these temperaments is actually not related to the word sexy, but because they are concentrated on women, they highlight another sexy beauty. The design sense of this jumpsuit is actually not strong, the whole design is the ultimate casual, with a small V-neck design, sexy and stylish.

The material of this jumpsuit is different from the previous one, and the denim material of the previous one will be relatively soft, so it will give people a sexy beauty visually. Therefore, it is the same style of workwear, but the visual effect is different. Therefore, a white basic T-shirt was simply layered, and with this relatively hard material, it also presented a capable personality beauty.

Look5: Denim dress

When the shoulders and denim material are combined to create a sexy collision, you can’t imagine it. This denim dress is also a vintage design, except for the waist with a string to cinch the waist, the rest of the skirt is loose design. So its retro sense will be relatively strong, suitable for thinner girls.

And this one is completely different in that it goes to an absolute slim design. The sexiness brought by the slanted shoulders is also impossible to ignore, and the neckline part is made of ruffles, with the diagonal stripe cut of the entire skirt, and the wavy design of the skirt, it is really sexy and seductive.

The pairings of these denim items introduced above are all worn by fashionistas at fashion week, which can also be seen as a next trend. So if you also want to be at the forefront of fashion, then follow along.