World Cup lace: Germany’s victory Rehanna celebrates with stripping bras to steal the limelight

U Sports reported on July 14

When Goetze scored the winning goal in extra time, one person in the stands seemed happier than the German fans: Barbadian singer Rihanna, who lifted her blouse in the stands to celebrate the victory of the Germanic Chariots.

Rihanna celebrates in the stands

In the stands at the Maracana Stadium, Rihanna lifted her blouse to reveal her black bra during the celebration, a move that put her in the spotlight.

Rihanna appeared at the final

Since the start of the World Cup, Rihanna has become an avid fan, and her insights on the game can be seen from time to time on her personal social networking site. She has supported Brazil, Colombia and Germany. Just the day before the final, Rihanna also met Brazilian king Pele, and she also posted a photo of the two online. In addition, Rihanna is a big fan of Colombian supernova Jristiano Ronaldo.

Rihanna poses with Bailey