Obsidian bracelet price, how much does an obsidian bracelet generally cost?

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Dark throughout, obsidian is a great gemstone to ward off evil spirits and is perfect for both men and women. It is said that obsidian is a more cost-effective natural gemstone, so what is the price of obsidian bracelets? How much do we usually need to buy an obsidian bracelet?

The price of obsidian bracelets is not very high overall, but the specific price should be judged comprehensively according to factors such as the type, quality and size of obsidian. Generally speaking, the price of obsidian (also called golden obsidian) bracelet will be relatively high, because it can clearly see gold in sunlight, is a more high-grade variety of obsidian, and some people say that this golden obsidian has a stronger effect on warding off evil and removing diseases. A regular obsidian bracelet may cost slightly less than obsidian.

In terms of bracelet style, strings of obsidian bracelets (obsidian bracelet) are significantly more material, and the price of this obsidian bracelet is obviously more expensive than a single or a few obsidian bracelets made of metal and cord chains, because it will be made of larger materials.

But in any case, the price of obsidian bracelets is mostly between tens and hundreds of dollars, the better quality is hundreds of pieces, the quality is generally between tens and hundreds of yuan, and the thousands of dollars are relatively small. Obsidian is one of the less expensive natural gemstones.

Many friends see that the price of obsidian bracelets is not high, and they think that obsidian bracelets are usually less likely to have fakes. But what I want to remind everyone here is that there is a unique ‘ice species obsidian’ in obsidian, which looks transparent and has a look similar to ‘ice species’. However, this kind of ice obsidian is relatively rare in nature, most of the so-called ‘ice obsidian’ in China, in fact, are the product of artificial processing, although its price is also not high, but do not be deceived.

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