How to match over-the-knee boots, Yang Mi’s strength interprets the fashion of boots

The tall boots in autumn and winter live up to expectations and become an artifact of beautiful leg concave shape. Versatile and practical, thin and long legs, solve various leg problems, whether it is pole leg stars or hobby people can hold, but also solve the problem of warmth, my mother no longer has to force me to wear autumn pants!

Miandna Kerr

Miandna Kerr wore SAM EDELMAN’s knee-length black high-leather boots with a slim slit dress and a neat trench coat.

USA Direct Mail SAM EDELMAN 471878 Women’s Boots Temperament Stibatie High Heeled Over-the-Knee Boots Leather Boots

SAM EDLEMAN cowhide high boots, leather light black and shiny, the design of the high waterproof platform allows small MM to have long legs, walking is not tired, the cuff of the boot fits the legs to highlight the effect of slimming legs. Prepare such a sexy pair of tall boots, and also have a super high return rate in the cold winter.

Alessand Ambrosio

Alessand Ambrosio’s long-legged willfulness loves flat-heeled boots, paired with a chic long sweater One-piece

Stuart Weitzman’s The Lowland Boots have legs from the waist down.

Stuart Weitzman 5050 SW low-heeled over-the-knee boots Lowland

Flat-heeled boots look casual and stylish, and you won’t let your feet suffer when standing for a long time, making them especially suitable for going shopping. The lace-up design of the cuff is also a plus.

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely loves wedge boots and wears them even to important occasions.

PRADA Women’s Boots Women’s Boots

Prada wedge over-the-knee boots with a wedge heel design as a highlight, visually elongating the leg shape and particularly high. With the wedge support, girls who can’t wear high heels can hold it.

Olivia Palermo

These pair of Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots allow the petite Olivia Palermo to effortlessly wear 170cm “visual effects”, and the beige suede is full of elegant celebrity style.

Stuart Weitzman Women’s Boots Women’s boots

This collection from niche shoe brand Aquazzura, Aquazzura+Olivia Palermo Boots, is limited worldwide. There are a variety of colorful suede stiletto heeled boots, in addition to the most common black, brown and gray, but also vintage and charming burgundy, fashionable royal blue, all of which are bright and favored. The boots fit the legs and are designed on a medium block heel to be comfortable when walking.

The law of collocation

【High boots + slim trousers】

Tall boots with Legging, Skinny skinny jeans are the most common matching rules, handsome and neat. If you wear leather boots, it is not suitable for matching leather pants, it is too dull, and it produces a cheap feeling that legs and boots are reduced to one; Dark leather boots are not suitable for too dazzling white pants, and the thighs are short and thick. Therefore, the mixing and matching of different fabrics can be rich in layers, and at the same time, we must pay attention to the use of color.

You can also wear wide-leg pants, put the trouser tube outside, and wear high boots as booties, which is a very innovative way to wear ~

High boots when the growth socks are put on the outside of the loose water pants, whether they can hold it completely depends on the temperament ~

【High boots + high waist shorts】

High-waisted shorts + high boots raise the waist line by a few inches, and the legs look straight and slender.

【High boots + short skirt】

Short skirts and high boots are a good CP “destined”, wear a personable floral short skirt in winter, with high boots, and have temperature and grace! But between the short skirt and high boots, a few inches of skin are exposed, and the whole body is more layered. You can also wear high boots as socks, and connect your legs to shoes to stretch your leg line infinitely. But short skirts and boots should have different colors and texture fabrics, such as navy blue patent leather short skirt + red suede high boots, gray nylon short skirt + pink patent leather high boots, which are visually jumpy and brilliant.

【High boots + X-shaped dress】

Needless to say, it is a very rigid and soft way of wearing, charming and free.

【High boots + slit long skirt】

According to the three-equal ratio gold cutting principle of 1:1:1 of the figure, wear a dress that is length below the knee with high boots, and choose a high slit style, which has a sense of breathability, lengthens the visual proportions, and feels taller. Slit on the side or center, playful and sexy.

【Oversize sweatshirt + high boots】

The thigh-length oversize sweatshirt and extra-long sleeves not only show off the skinny flesh, but also show off a pair of beautiful legs. With high boots, it is a little more handsome, super eye-catching, and small stars can also wear 165+ visual effects.

【High boots + Oversize sweater skirt】

The Oversize stick sweater is the most beautiful scenery in winter when worn as a dress, and the combination with high boots is trendy and eye-catching, and the combination of warmth and beauty can be from late autumn to early spring. The sweater skirt also needs to expose the thighs appropriately to increase the overall layering and show the leg line!

The boots can be worn in the same colour as a knitted dress or in black patent leather or suede that is versatile and you can’t go wrong.

【High boots + Oversize suit】

A long suit paired with high boots, exposing a thigh is still the key, and there is a bit of sexiness in the handsomeness, just right. The lining shirt skirt walks in style and free-spiritedness.

【High boots + trench coat】

The standard for big women in the workplace, with leather material is even more aura.

【High boots + Oversize sports outfit】

The sporty style, mainly comfortable, abandons the strong and sexy pointed toe style, and chooses high boots with round toe flats or wedge heels, the style is more uniform. The high boots have zippers, ties and elasticated panels to animate the overall image.

【High boots + long coat】

The combination of short inside and outer length covers the excess fat on the abdomen and buttocks. It can also extend the line with the help of the long coat, double height and thinness to extend vision!

【High boots + cape】

The big A-line shape makes the visual can’t help but look towards the slender and charming long legs. However, the upper body cloak is too loose, and the lower body should not choose high boots that fit too close to the legs, otherwise the contrast is too obvious, and the tightening design at the ankle makes the calf slimmer.