After Huang Lei’s daughter was questioned about “precociousness”, she wore lace suspenders to take photos at the age of 14, and the girl’s figure was not inferior to her mother

The “second generation of stars” is a group that many people pay attention to, and some of the second generation of stars are even more popular than popular stars, and Huang Lei and Sun Li’s daughter Duoduo is one of them. Since participating in “Where Did Daddy Go” with her father, she has countless fans with her well-behaved and sensible personality, and as a second generation of stars who have been watched growing up, her every move has attracted much attention. After she was questioned about her precocious maturity some time ago, she was only 14 years old and put on a slip dress to take photos, not only very charming temperament, but also showed off a girlish figure, and her charm was not lost to her mother Sun Li!

As the object of attention of many netizens, although Duoduo was complained of precociousness, but she still insisted on being herself, judging from her recent photos, the 14-year-old still has a very childish face, and after wearing a black glasses frame, she looks very Sven, super knowledgeable women’s sense of déjà vu. Although the shape wearing the headscarf looks very rustic, it is very eye-catching, and it also highlights her gentle and intellectual charm, looking very elegant and dignified. The temperament in front of the camera comes from the inside out, giving people a very intellectual and elegant feeling, I don’t know if you are fans of her now?

The slip dress is a favorite item for many people, and of course, this garment is no longer limited to summer. The black leather slip dress on Duoduo’s body highlights her temperament, and after incorporating lace elements, it adds a sweet ladylike feeling. Layering is also a trend in recent years, when Duoduo wears a gray undershirt, the shape looks very fashionable, the tight knitwear also outlines her girlish figure, although she is only 14 years old now, but the girl’s figure is not lost to the old mother Sun Li, it is indeed inherited from her mother’s good genes.

The style of braided hair is very sweet temperament, which is a hairstyle that many girls like, and it is very suitable for today’s Duoduo. When she wears a cape top like her sister, she also wears a gray undershirt, and the look will look very famous. When she matched a black A-line skirt, the shape looked very temperamental, and it was also the outfit that many big sisters would choose. The picture of holding the pink rabbit gives people a very sweet and intellectual feeling, highlighting her inner girlishness, I don’t know if you like such a girly nature?

The one-shoulder piece is very suitable for today’s summer season, and this piece on Duoduo’s body uses a white color scheme and incorporates ruffle elements, the shape will be more ladylike, and also highlight her fragrant shoulder collarbone, such a girly figure is summery. The matching of the lower body is also more diverse, whether it is jeans or skirts, it will not look very tacky, it will make her style full of temperament and charm, very big girl’s style. Duoduo, who is seriously making desserts, looks very elegant and charming.

Although the side-split hairstyle will make Duoduo look more mature, it highlights her goddess style, and she laughs like a first love. This time she wears a pink-purple sweatshirt with gray sports shorts, the shape will look very fresh and clean, whether it is sports or home, such a outfit will look very comfortable and casual. The picture in the same frame with his sister seems very warm and loving, and now 14-year-old Duoduo really has more and more of a big girl’s feeling. I wonder if you like how much you grow up now? Welcome to leave a message to share your views.

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