Toy Talk – National Day themed building block toy

Seven-day National Day Golden Week, is this the case for your family?

The 2021 National Day Golden Week is about to begin, the domestic epidemic situation is in a multi-point distribution trend, advocating to minimize going out, toys will be the best playmate for children at home, to ensure that children study obediently at home and do not play with mobile phones.

In order to stop children from playing with mobile phones at home for seven days, what toys are you going to buy that are suitable for patriotic education?

Understand the structural shape and cultural heritage of the building, and feel the new development of Chinese culture

Wange (Tiananmen, Beijing, China)

Quan Guan (Tiananmen, Beijing)

Bangbao (Nanchang Uprising General Headquarters Site, First Congress of the Communist Party of China, Tiananmen Square, Red Boat)

Weili (Tiananmen)

A favorite of boys, feel the patriotism and positive energy brought by military culture

Woma (Force for Peace)

Kaizhi (Land, Sea and Air Exercise)

Senbao (Straight-20, Hongqi-17A, Q version DF-41)

Little Luban (J-20)

Senbao (Shandong ship)

Jiazhi (Liaoning ship)

Explore outer space and expand your understanding of the Earth and the universe

Qizhile Toys (Astronaut)

Wangao (Space Shuttle Launch Center)

Bangbao (Shenzhou 10, Mars Habitation Module, Manned Rover)

Senbao (Long March 5 carrier rocket)

Audi (China Space Station)

Building blocks, you need to think about the problem of combination, which is beneficial to children’s hand-eye coordination and concentration. In the assembly process, the brain first constructs the shape. At first, the child may spell it casually, but when he is familiar with it, he will also form a concept map of each shape in his mind, and the next time he needs to combine, he can also train the child’s spatial imagination. More small bricks in the Architecture, Military, and Aerospace series have a more detailed building difficulty, and have a stronger one-way building pattern than previous large bricks, and multi-dimensional building is more durable.