Domestic return force counterattack! 15 pairs of super good-looking summer sneakers

No matter how much you love sneakers, it will still be a little hot to wear in summer, not to mention the hot summer in Guangdong! So I started aiming for canvas shoes again, and picked 15 pairs of recently new small cloth shoes, which are versatile and dirt-resistant, salty and sweet, to eat my Amway!

1. Pullback x Pepsi

Pepsi and Huili have come to cooperate again, this time it’s really not just fun!

In addition to the classic Pepsi blue color scheme, PVC fashion elements are also spliced at the laces, and with a translucent rubber outsole, the heel is added with the word “Pepsi”, I want to have it the first second I see it!

It’s a pity that money can’t buy it this time, and Pepsi opened the gift giving activity of opening the cover puzzle, so I can only wish you good luck~

2.Converse x “Cat and Mouse”

Release price: ¥438-¥672

Because of the hot search “cat and mouse joint shoes” not long ago, I recently revisited “Tom & Jerry”.

Unlike the previous Nike collaboration, Converse actually took a funny route?

It’s like looking at the emoji in your phone, it’s also hin cute!

One foot “Tom” and one foot “Jerry”, a second back to childhood.

There are also black and white graffiti designs that I also like, and the style is a little more convergent,

Plus the big red “five-star” logo, it’s a bit cool!

3.Vans Toe Cap

Release price: ¥465

In the summer, everyone was engaged in “fruit”, and Vans actually made “potato chips”!

Contrast round toe design, slightly retro girly.

So wear to the movie is the most suitable, what you like to eat, pick at will!

4. Pullback Mandarin duck color matching

Release date: July 19

Release price: ¥99

It’s really rare to see such a girly color matching, and it is also very suitable for this summer’s popular elements. But at first glance it looks like Converse!

The collision design of the Mandarin duck color matching breaks the monotony, and the color matching is quite sweet~

Avocado green potato purple will be slightly special, but it will not be difficult to match, and it may fit better with denim pieces.

5.Vans “The Shokunin”

Release price: ¥447

While everyone was trying to focus on the design, Vans began to test the edge of the novel material.

With Era and Slip-On as the basic shoe shapes, a new material with high water repellent performance and smudge resistance has been introduced.

Pure black and white tones, this wearability is beyond doubt!

It’s perfect for you (me) who haven’t wanted to wash your shoes for 800 years!

6.Keds x Betty and Veronica

Release price: ¥413-¥558

Keds and Betty and Veronica are working together for the second time, this time with 5 pairs of new designs that will make you funny girls in no time!

However, at present, only this pair is listed in China, and here I am marking the domestic selling price, and the collar is about five RMB after the full reduction.

Similar to these two, the target is the price of the United States, both are different shoe versions, but both add pink elements, there are a lot of girls!

The design of the other two pairs of graffiti prints is also very cute! The rich color embellishments completely break the simple impression of Keds, anyway, I like it!


Release price: ¥1341

Although the fabric of canvas shoes is generally thin and breathable, many times the shoe shape is not easy to hold up, and Vince’s design is still quite three-dimensional.

The overall line is sleek, and the heel has contrast leather panels, and the foot feel is also up in a second!

8.Keds x Sunnylife

Release price: ¥698

When Keds meets Sunnylife, it’s instantly cute.

In addition to watermelon, there are also tropical fruit prints, which I love to eat!

The design of the rainbow-colored embroidery is also very good, directly put the word Sunny on the shoes, wear it every day is sunny!

9.Converse Renew series

Release price: ¥399-¥569

Following Nike and Vans, Converse also joined the design of the eco-friendly collection.

Shoes represented by the Chuck Taylor All Star and Chuck 70 have introduced the new Renew collection through consumer waste and recycling of industrial waste.

And the series is divided into three parts: 1. Converse Renew Canvas, made from recycled polyester from waste plastic bottles,

The contrast stitching design at the tongue of the shoe is full of fashion!

In addition, the details of each pair of shoes will be embellished with different forms of slogan, reminding us to learn to cherish them all the time.

2. Converse Renew Denim, using used jeans as the first material to be recycled from the “old things”, will probably be launched in the autumn and winter of 2019.

3. Converse Renew Cotton, using excess imitation cotton canvas as a recycled material, will be a light gray visual material, and this one is not expected to be available until the spring and summer of 2020.

10.Converse All Star Threehearts OX

Following the Valentine’s Day special design, Converse has brought a new heart-shaped design.

This time, there are only two colors, black and white, and three three-dimensional “love” embellishments on the outside of the shoe body, full of girly hearts.

So Tanabata Valentine’s Day gift, can you prepare it?

11.Fred Perry x Margaret Howell

Release price: ¥688

Inspired by tennis, designer Margaret Howell brought a joint work with Fred Perry.

Solid color minimalist style design, simple and super temperamental, I will go to the next order first!

12.Converse Chuck 70 Vintage Canvas

Release price: ¥520

On the tone of the Chuck 70, Converse brings two pairs of Vintage-style designs.

Although it is retro, it is quite suitable for summer.

The furry laces are the finishing touch, a little cute~

13.Veja Wata

Release price: ¥620

Veja Wata is more about little white shoes this summer.

If conditions permit, I think the combination of mandarin duck color is very good!

Pepsi Blue, do you feel that it is very thirsty in an instant?

Of course, avocado green is also indispensable.

Wear it with a pair of wide-leg pants every day to make it more casual!

Or a pair of cute stockings paper, Korean soft girls walk!

14.Making A Rocket

Release price: ¥149-¥189

Making A Rocket flight plan, this brand I am still by my friend Amway, it should be the gospel of the student party, there are quite a lot of style designs, and the foot feel is quite good.

“One foot”, you must prepare a pair in summer!

Like Converse’s previous pair of Donald Duck designs, they are only sold in Japan and are difficult to start in China, but you can also find similar ones here.

The cookie shoes, which have been very popular recently, have a more vibrant color scheme than the outside.

Recently, a pair of vintage wind star print design has been launched, a little fairy ~ said that there is no development idea in the summer, so a pair of autumn shoes came directly, and the owner is also cool enough. Now the pre-sale price is less than ¥150, and interested babies can go to find out~

15. Keds Mary Jane shoes

Release price: ¥318

The combination of canvas sneakers and Mary Jane shoes, I also imagined for the first time.

But it doesn’t feel bad? Add the embellishment of a ribbon bow and a little ballet shoe feeling~

The big red color scheme is simple, and the pot friend who is preparing for the wedding, promise me not to hesitate and plate it! Comfort and beauty make you the perfect combination!

Well, that’s it for Amway today.

Release price: ¥447