Why is stainless steel water pipe suitable for hot water pipe?

Why is stainless steel water pipe suitable for hot water pipe?

I’m sure most people who have renovated their house know that the washbasin in the home usually has two water pipes, a hot water pipe and a cold water pipe. In addition, after long-term observation, hot water pipes are more prone to bursting and leaking. Why? That’s because you didn’t choose the right pipe.

Now every home will install hot and cold water pipes. Some homes use PPR water pipes to install cold and hot water pipes. However, after a long time, you will find that there is less and less water and the hot water pipes are easy to break, but these problems simply do not occur

Stainless steel water pipe.

At present, most families will choose plastic water pipes, long-term delivery of hot water will cause aging and corrosion, easy to burst and leak. It is understood that PPR water pipes are not suitable for hot water pipes. Due to the molecular characteristics of the raw material polypropylene, PPR water pipes, whether imported or domestic, have the disadvantages of poor high temperature resistance and large thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, the Ministry of Construction [2001] No. 54 document clearly stipulates that the long-term working temperature of PPR water pipes shall not exceed 70 °C. Generally speaking, when the working temperature of PPR plastic water pipe is lower than 5 °C, it will only become brittle, and when it is higher than 60 °C, the safety performance and service life will be greatly reduced. When the coefficient of thermal expansion is higher than 40°C, the PPR pipe is deformed due to expansion.

Qin Ximeng stainless steel water pipe manufacturer Xiaobian hereby reminds consumers that when purchasing water pipes, they should try to choose stainless steel water pipes as hot water pipes. After testing, the working pressure of stainless steel water supply pipeline system is generally above 2.5Mpa. Moreover, its thermal conductivity is low, 1/25 of copper pipe, 1/4 of iron pipe, good thermal insulation effect, can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -40 °C ~ 120 °C. No matter how high the temperature of domestic hot water is, it is 100 °C, and the outdoor temperature will not be lower than minus 40 °C. Therefore, the advantages of stainless steel water pipes as hot water pipes are far better than plastic water pipes and other material water pipes.

Looking at the domestic and foreign water supply pipeline market, only stainless steel water pipes are suitable for use as home improvement hot water pipes, and have irreplaceable advantages. As a new type of environmentally friendly green water pipe, stainless steel water pipe has gradually occupied the Chinese market. Millions of households have chosen stainless steel water pipes as their hot and cold water supply pipes.

With the gradual popularization of stainless steel water pipes, ordinary consumers have also begun to use stainless steel water pipes as water supply pipes. Qin Ximeng stainless steel water pipe manufacturers adopt the newly developed press-type and ring-pressed connection to install water pipes, which has a simple installation process, easy disassembly and easy installation, which is very suitable for cold and hot water systems, reducing life cycle costs and maintenance difficulties. When you buy a new house and prepare for renovation, you can use stainless steel water pipes for all the water supply pipes in your home.

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