Korean version of autumn women’s long-sleeved top

Short-sleeved shorts and short skirts are impossible, now even if the southern regions are starting to get cooler, it is better to obediently wear long sleeves! Today, the editor would like to recommend several Korean version of autumn women’s long-sleeved tops for everyone, and friends in need will find out!

An elegant solid color model

Crewneck tops are common, and we can occasionally change our taste and choose other styles, as well as change styles. This Korean version of the autumn women’s long-sleeved top feels very atmospheric in solid color, and the design of the neckline is more unique, with British elegance and nobility. Wear this top in autumn, whether with pants or skirts, it looks super good!

2. Off-the-shoulder hoodies

The Korean version of women’s clothing has always been very distinctive and is loved by the majority of young consumers. This pure white Korean version of the off-the-shoulder hooded top looks sexy and stylish, and it looks even more youthful and beautiful with shorts. The style and sweatshirt feel very similar, and friends who like casual style in autumn are the most suitable for this top.

Three chiffon V-neck shirts

It is also possible to wear chiffon fabric in autumn, so it feels cooler. This chiffon V-neck Korean version of the autumn long-sleeved top feels generous, elegant and intellectual. Autumn girls wear skirts with this top is very suitable, the whole person immediately becomes more tasteful, exuding greater charm.

Four lace shirts

Lace never goes out of style, lace tops look elegant and ladylike, and girls always look very temperamental when wearing lace tops. This Korean version of the autumn long-sleeved lace white top has a small family jasper and fresh temperament, and it is even more unique when worn with jeans. Cool autumn, a must-have lace shirt!

Five halter neck off-the-shoulder tops

The halterneck top is also a feature of this year’s Korean version of women’s clothing, this Korean version of the autumn halterneck off-the-shoulder top, revealing the sexy shoulders and collarbones, the whole person looks more styled. Girls with ugly neck lines, you can try this top. Coupled with a zippered design, it adds a chic atmosphere.

6. Personality shirts

The design style of Korean women’s clothing has always been very bold and always brings us many surprises. This is the case, for example, with this shirt, whose messy lace design makes the whole shirt look more flavorful and look more upscale. The shoulders are designed with tulle, making your little sexy casualty inadvertently revealed more sultry.


Do the above Korean women’s autumn long-sleeved tops have any styles you like? If so, act now!

Korean version of autumn women’s long-sleeved top