10 imported bookshelf speakers worth buying

The price of imported bookshelf speakers is high, but they are still loved by the majority of audiophiles.

■ Dynaudio Contour 1.1

Sensitivity 86dB, rated impedance 4Ω, frequency response range 48Hz-22kHz, maximum long-term bearing power 150W, volume H318×W170×D285, weight 6·8kg, reference price: 12800 yuan (bird’s eye wood)

Pure and transparent, accurate and neutral, it is the most true portrayal of the sound quality and sound of Conˉtour 1.1. The Contour 1·1’s sound floor is very pure, and the balance between high, medium and low frequencies is very good. The sound quality is excellent, the instrument texture is realistic, the details are meticulous, the overtones and air of the instrument are very good, full of energy and tension.

■Elic ELAC 203

Sensitivity 88dB, rated impedance 4Ω, frequency response range 38Hz-25kHz, maximum long-term bearing power 120W, volume H338×W200×D270, weight 7·4kg, reference price: 6800 yuan

After auditioning, I felt that the high-frequency response of ELAC 203 fluctuated greatly, but the actual audition felt that its balance was quite excellent.

The sound base is quite warm and smooth, but soft but not smooth, and very tense.

■B&W DM601 S3

Sensitivity 88dB, rated impedance 8Ω, frequency response range 70Hz-20kHz, maximum long-term bearing power 100W, volume H365×W204×D228, weight 6·1kg, reference price: 3600 yuan

The sound of the DM601 S3 is typical of B&W, with good balance across the band, excellent high-frequency extension, bright and slender. Although the low-frequency dive is not excellent (it is a bookshelf box after all), the sense of volume is quite sufficient, and the clarity of the bass has been significantly improved compared to the previous generation, the detail and transparency are greatly enhanced, and there is no lack of cohesion and power reproduction.

■JM lab COBALT 806

Sensitivity 90dB, rated impedance 8Ω, frequency response range 50Hz-22kHz, maximum long-term bearing power 75W, volume H385×W220×D278, weight 8·9kg, reference price: 10000 yuan

Accustomed to listening to speakers with flat and straight frequency response, the first time I heard COBALT 806, I felt a very different style. The sense of balance is quite good, but the high frequency is brighter and more prominent, giving people a fine, silky feeling at any time.


Frequency response 40Hz-23kHz ±6dB, impedance 8Ω, sensitivity 87·5dB/W/m, carrying power 150W (maximum), overall size H396×W210×D295, weight 8kg/pc, reference price 4900 yuan

In terms of sound performance, AE300 reproduces the common characteristics of AE speakers’ loud volume output, strong dynamic contrast and precise and open sound field creation ability, it can be said that listening to AE speakers, a large extent of the moving comes from its vibrant timbre, especially when listening to modern music, the strong movement and rhythm will make people feel excited. AE300’s high frequency is bright but not spiky, the sound is very smooth, the mid-frequency part is fresh and condensed, there is a clear sense of line, no matter what type of music is played, it can reproduce a clear and distinct sense of layering, and the details contained in the music are also quite rich.

■Harbeth HL—P3ES—2

Frequency response 75Hz-20kHz ±3dB, impedance 6Ω, sensitivity 83dB/W/m, carrying power 50W (music and language signals), overall size H305×W188×D198, weight 5·9kg/pc, reference price 9300 yuan

Chinese translation name is “the first sunshine after the rain”, is a famous British traditional handicraft workshop style audio factory, although it is a little lacking in momentum, but the sound quality of P3ES-2 is noble, the light and dark of the timbre is just right, neither too brilliant, nor dull. The P3ES-2 also boasts an excellent soundstage that doesn’t require excessive positioning adjustments.


Frequency response 45Hz-27kHz ±3dB, impedance 8Ω, sensitivity 91dB/2·83V/m, maximum output sound pressure level 111dB, overall size H350×W220×D320, weight 6·25kg/pc, reference price 4300 yuan

KEF is one of the most famous audio companies in the UK with a history of more than 40 years, the Q1 has a clear and smooth sound, rich details, good balance, strong expressiveness for classical music, very comfortable listening to string groups, and of course, listening to drums is not so solid and impactful. Q1 has a clear and accurate sound stage, and the position arrangement of various instruments of the orchestra is vivid, and the sound image is vivid and three-dimensional.

■Jamo E800

Carrying power 100W, sensitivity 88dB/W/m, frequency response range 45Hz-20kHz, frequency division point 2200Hz, rated impedance 4Ω, weight 5·1kg/pc, overall size 347mm×175mm×286mm, reference price 3290 yuan / pair

The sound of the E800 gives the first impression of being warm and energetic. Its mid-low frequency band has a rich sense of volume, fluffy and natural, although the box is not large, but it can easily spread a good level of low frequency in a space of nearly 30M2.


Carrying power 10W-150W, frequency response 45Hz-25kHz, rated impedance 4Ω, sensitivity 90dB/W/m, crossover point 300Hz, 3kHz, overall size 610mm×280mm×305mm, weight 14kg, reference price 3480 HKD/pair

The sound of the LX500MK II is a masculine and enthusiastic characteristic, the overall sound stage is relatively forward, giving people a strong feeling of blending into the atmosphere of the scene, playing a large-scale symphony, when the timpani is beaten heavily, the low-frequency diving ability is quite deep, the rich sense of volume quickly covers the listening area, the strength is rapid and the layered performance is good, and the sofa in the listening room is also slightly trembling.

However, for large-scale symphonies, there is sometimes a feeling of overly tight oppression, and if there is a certain distance from the listener, it will have a more live concert hall effect.

■Tannoy Century806

Amplifier power 10W-120W, rated impedance 8Ω, sensitivity 89dB/W/m, frequency response range 46Hz-30kHz ±3dB, frequency division point 2·5kHz, overall size 499mm×324mm×228mm, weight 10kg/pc, reference price 5240 yuan/pair

Tannoy is a famous British veteran audio company, the sound of Century 806 gives the first impression of a thick sound base, playing a large-scale symphony, the sense of low-frequency volume is relatively rich, but the low-frequency diving ability is still insufficient, the ability to form images can not be compared with the high-end goods in this evaluation, playing fast-paced pop music is a bit of a loss. However, the good news is that the low frequencies do not appear tense under sound pressure, they are more relaxed and natural, and the sense of speed is also good.

Overall, the Century 806’s timbre has a slight tendency to darken, and the personality is less lively, although the sound stage of the Century 806 extends well horizontally and vertically, but it is slightly box sound, so it sometimes sounds a little muffled and slightly less transparent.

10 imported bookshelf speakers worth buying