The “good voice” of the all-in-one computer industry, Haier Tianyue R8 all-in-one computer Jingdong is hotly sold

Computer in modern every family is almost a necessary item, compared to the traditional TV, the performance of the computer is much stronger, whether it is daily office, children’s learning, computers can bring a good practical experience to a family, now many families will also choose an all-in-one computer, the performance does not have to be very strong, but a family sitting together to enjoy the movie just downloaded is much better than looking at a small laptop screen, but limited by the size, the all-in-one computer often can not be equipped with very good speaker equipment, All kinds of noise and current sounds are commonplace. But the Haier Tianyue R8 all-in-one computer we recommend today solves this problem, and its speaker effect can be called the “good voice” in the all-in-one computer industry.

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Let’s first talk about why this all-in-one computer can be called “good sound”, Haier Tianyue R8 is different in the base design, the bracket part in front is a soundbar from the famous speaker brand JBL, using 2 sets of speakers, 4 sound drivers configuration, with 2 5W tweeters and 2 5W woofers to restore a more realistic and transparent sound, and Haier Tianyue R8 also adopts Huanhui Stereo (TSR) technology to make the speaker coverage more sufficient. Sitting together as a family, you can enjoy the audio and video experience brought by high-quality sound.

Haier Tianyue R8 is also given full fashion elements, the speaker base is made of aluminum magnesium alloy material, through sandblasting, radium carving, secondary anodizing coloring finely carved, not only can reflect its simple and smooth beauty, but also can extend the service life of the base, the boot button is placed at the top of the speaker directly joint, beautiful and full of technology.

In addition, the screen of Haier Tianyue R8 is also a highlight, the paint frame is only 4mm narrow, the screen-to-body ratio is more than 90%, and the 23.8-inch FHD Full HD resolution matte screen makes the picture display clearer. The inner core is also good, Haier Tianyue R8 is equipped with the eighth generation Intel Celeron N4100 processor, the maximum turbo frequency is 2.4GHz, and has a 4MB L3 cache, daily office leisure freedom and comfort, integrated graphics card with high-definition large screen can also make the picture smooth and comfortable.

At present, this Haier Tianyue R8 all-in-one computer is selling hot in Jingdong’s self-operated flagship store, priced at 2998 yuan, this cost-effective all-in-one computer will definitely be able to give you the double impact of hearing + vision.