Zhaoqing opens the sea watching mode! We went rowing in the streets together and caught fish

Today 520, the circle of friends is full of love, just when everyone is brushing wildly, it will rain heavily, if it is thunder, netizens say that they don’t know which men are swearing again, but today only rain does not thunder, what’s going on? Ask netizens God to reply!

Let’s first take a look at what this netizen said: Today, the embankment of the Huaicheng River has risen on the road.

Dam discharge. The editor is afraid.

Friends in Huaicheng don’t be afraid, friends in Duancheng spend 520 with you.

The children still have to go to school in the afternoon, how did this pond end up?

You can also swim in front of the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Everyone should pay attention to the traffic on the side of the road, otherwise they will have to go home and change clothes.

Such a car ship, Xiaobian has not sat ~

This is no longer a problem to pay attention to the vehicle, you can’t walk this road with water boots, who knows if there is a pit.

Is this to drive the past, or not to drive the past?

This… Does your car dare to come like this?

Can’t you go on Connaught Road too? But many people have to go home and go through.

Friends on Kangle Road, if you don’t go to Pearl Road, you can go home comfortably.

The cars drive like this, make sure it’s all right.

It seems to be a dead fire, wife, do you still love me? 520

God~ You can also watch fish and turtles!

As soon as it rained, it seemed that the photographers were all excited! Is this the rhythm of making blockbusters?

The weather has been really easy to hit the big spot! Looking at the photos, can you recognize where Zhaoqing is?

Photo: Li Xiaoping

Photo: viva He Huanqin

Photo: Xu Qingbin

The sunset on May 20 is too weird, and it is still raining on the other side~

Photo: Liang Jianfeng

520, let’s not change the wind and rain, let’s make a bold confession in Dongmen Square~ The romance in this rain is not every day

【Zhaoqing TV report】

This evening (20th), Vice Mayor Li Tian presided over a video conference on rainstorm disaster prevention work, listened to the meteorology, hydrology, land and other departments to make reports, and made arrangements for the current rainstorm disaster prevention work in our city. All localities and departments in the city are required to attach great importance to the prevention of rainstorm disasters and achieve “seven in place”. By achieving these “seven in place”, strengthen investigation, effectively prevent and control, ensure that the city’s rainstorm disaster prevention work has achieved a comprehensive victory, and ensure the safety of flooding.

According to the forecast of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau,

From May 20 to 21, there will be continuous heavy rainfall in various parts of the city, and there may be heavy rainstorms in some areas.

Our department has launched the flood control level IV emergency response, please pay attention to rain prevention preparations, avoid going out as much as possible during typhoon rainfall, strengthen the safety inspection of residences and operation areas to ensure safety.

Thanks to the friends who provided the pictures: Miss Inumei, Qingyi, Chen Xiaoyu, Li Ruifeng, Zhu Sixiao, Jie Xiong, Ying Tao, Xiaoni, etc., some of the picture sources are Huaijiren, Huaiji Field Network WeChat.

Editor: Meimei Hoshihu

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