Xi Meijuan appeared so elegantly, wearing a black long skirt with a temperament, and taking the baby alone as a winner in life

Light eyebrows like autumn water, jade skin with light breeze.

Elegance is a presentation of inner beauty, if beauty is an intuitive embodiment of external appearance and figure, then elegance is the display of inner artistic sentiment, elegance is the natural and exquisite beauty of women, elegance is the beauty of splendid flowers. Elegance is the beauty of the breeze of the lotus pond.

Elegance is a mental normality, a matching style,

The essence of elegance is not only the cultivation and literacy of temperament, but also a process of selection and effort, carefully selected clothes, perfectly matched pearl necklaces, string hand beads are both elegant, style smile is both elegant, elegant is also a life, a kind of garden small garden potted plant beauty, a harmonious and happy family beauty, but also a walking on the street to give people a comfortable and natural beauty.

Elegant women often know more about the control of clothing, clothing is a must for women, but also women to show themselves

“Secret weapon”, so in addition to self-cultivation, managing the figure, learning to choose clothing, taking the figure as the center, tailoring, is the biggest part of elegant matching.

“Strength Old Drama Bone – Xi Meijuan”

65-year-old Xi Meijuan believes everyone knows that she has played many classic roles of mother-in-law and mother, and it is a grand slam in the show business, almost many domestic acting awards have been won, and after divorcing her husband, she has taken her son alone and lived an elegant life so far,

Acting became an important “career” in her life, so to speak.

Speaking with weight, behaving with thickness, acting skills can be positive or evil, intriguing, thought-provoking, she can always use her most gentle way to interpret the essence of the character,

This is the testimony of the strength of the acting school, and now the figure is still very good, with the black long skirt elegant and charming.

“Xi Meijuan with Trilogy”:

First song

: Simplicity is premium, and the interpretation of the pieces is exquisite

Takeaway: One piece, ten thousand styles, this is strength

Simple long skirts are more diverse, can be gold-absorbing print colors, or simple dark colors, Xi Meijuan matched one

Solid black crewneck dress

, is thicker and textured, with a half-sleeved style that frees the arms and reduces the sense of “wrapping”.

The tough material is more slim and shows the beauty of the body, shaping the perfect H-shaped body, the beauty of the light and light, the advanced pure color, suitable for matching the slim black, more atmospheric than printing, but also set off the skin, more white.

Dark blue pointed toe shoes are more advanced, and black forms a staggered color match, the pointed toe is thin, the wide mouth leaves space for the legs, and the pearl necklace adds a retro nostalgic complex,

It creates the image of an elegant and intellectual mature woman, without being too exaggerated, showing a low-key beauty.

Dark colors are thinner than light colors, which can increase the stability and thickness of clothing

, and in the matching through the soft lace material, the tulle material is more mature, too soft, cotton and linen material, fiber material is dignified and textured,

It gives the clothing a deeper line charm.

Points: The material of clothing is generally related to age, more professional women like tough materials, suitable for more noble occasions, with a sense of drape, while soft materials are suitable for vacation style and leisure style, loose and natural, no pressure, and can also cover a slightly fat body.

Second song

: Silk satin cloud brocade, the beauty of formal wear

Important: The plastic effect of professional clothing is good, but the beauty of embellishment cannot be ignored

With a smile on both cheeks, cut eyes with water, melancholy eyes, dignified demeanor, black stand-up collar slim suit, with the silhouette effect of a suit, but also with retro beauty,

The material of silk satin is elegant and beautiful, the faint pattern, the atmosphere of the skirt, the front seat, the silence, the texture of the clothing, the angularity of the line, perfectly highlighted.

Black is the color of nobility, but also the color of thinness, and even more solemn, but

The material determines the beauty and delicacy of matching, the slim color and dignified demeanor, and the beauty of matching.

Appropriate accessories can add highlights to black, but remember to stop at the beginning, not obtrusive, so try to choose colors related to clothing.

Exquisite color matching or accessories, are eye-catching, increase the beautiful atmosphere of the whole matching, will not look monotonous, and loose clothing, beautiful brick red, more atmospheric, get rid of the dull texture of black, more active and fresh.

The long skirt is relatively thin, with a loose feeling of self-bandwidth, with delicate diamond embellishments,

The delicate scarf makes the clothing more attractive and fresh, white and red are contrasting colors, and the long scarf ties the head, which is more delicate and charming, and has a little more beauty.

Third song

: Plain beauty, light as a daisy

Takeaway: Elegance is not tedious and fancy, but calm and fresh after rain

Classic pieces can also shape an elegant mentality, even simple shirts, dresses, jeans, will not affect your unique temperament and exclusive charm, this is the uniqueness of temperament.

The shirt is dark, solemn and serious, the shirt is bright, fresh as the morning sun, can add points to your matching, and has its own soft texture, slim and natural,

Opening the first button will be natural, not so serious, decent and dignified shirt effect, no less than the role of a suit.

Compared with shirts, half-sleeved skirts are more professional, without a trace of casual style, and the color of army green is high-end atmosphere, solemn and majestic, with exquisite zipper design,

The style of semi-round neck, perfect fit, and looks more professional.

The advantage of professional style is that the material is tough, can be perfectly plastic, create a super beautiful silhouette, will not appear fat, and is more professional and dignified, suitable for some comparisons

Noble occasion matching, and with glasses is a little more elegant and charming.

Summary: Life trilogy, each song is a moving singing, dressing trilogy, each song is decent and glorious, clothing is the establishment of a woman’s external image,

It is also the full expression of inner temperament, which is the charm of clothing, which is the key to the high and unique of clothing.

Noble but luxurious, dignified and not pompous, this is the attitude of dressing.

Taste the color of the peerless and return to the city.

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