The child’s pen holding posture just can’t be corrected! 3 ways to help you solve it completely! collection

01Is this the case with your child?

The wrong pen holding posture is extremely harmful!!!

For example, the horizontal pen holding posture – the thumb and index finger are white when the child writes because of excessive force. In such an over-tense state, the muscles felt tired before they could write a few words.

Buried head, straight line, fist style, children write in these pen holding postures, the flexibility of the thumb, index finger and middle finger is greatly limited, and the pen is stiff and writing is naturally slow and ugly.

Wrong pen holding posture

It not only affects the efficiency and aesthetics of writing, but also causes harm to the child’s body.

For example, long-term twisting pen holding posture is easy to bend the spine; With a sleeping style, or holding a pen too far down, when the child sits upright, he will be blocked by his hand and cannot see the words, so he will involuntarily lie on his stomach and write crookedly, and the reading and writing distance is too close, that


And here it comes.

02The correct pen holding posture is like this!

The “tripod grip” is the correct pen grip!

Little friend, take out a pen and see if your posture is right? Pay attention! The position of the barrel is not the mouth of the tiger, but the joint of the index finger! A good pen holding posture should maintain:

“One foot, one punch, one inch”

The eyes are one foot away from the book

A punch at the distance between the body and the desk

The finger is one inch away from the nib

03How to correct an already proficient “wrong posture”?

Method 1:

Step 1: A leather band loop

Step 2: Pull a small circle on the band

Step 3: Put in the barrel and tighten the fixation

Step 4: Extend all four fingers except the thumb into the circle in the direction of the pen tip

Step 5: Shake your empty fist and hold the pen correctly

Method two

Step 1: Insert the band into the base of the thumb, index finger and middle finger

Step 2: Insert the tip of the pen barrel under the upper leather band of the tiger’s mouth, and press the lower band just after extending out

Step 3: Press the nib down 180 degrees, and the tip of the upper pen just picks up the lower band

Step 4: Hold your fist and hold the pen correctly

Method three

Step 1: Place the band on the four fingers of your right hand (except your thumb) with your palm facing inwards

Step 2: Insert the nib diagonally into the leather band in the direction of your finger

Step 3: Lift the tip of the upper pen towards the palm of your hand

If you repeat it like this, stick to it, and you will definitely gain something! Have you learned? Come and give it a try!

Step 4: Hold your fist and hold the pen correctly