Back? Just filed for bankruptcy, well-known brands were consumed by wild

A few days ago, because I was filed for bankruptcy liquidation,

La Chapelle, this home has been consumed by many consumers

Forgotten domestic clothing brand

Once again, it’s at the center of the conversation

>>> well-known brand filed for bankruptcy! Once all over the major shopping malls in Shanghai… Netizen: Will it be cleared and fire-sold?

Whether La Chapelle will go bankrupt and liquidate is unknown,

However, when the news that “La Chapelle was filed for bankruptcy liquidation”

When on the hot search,

Not only triggered the collective memory killing of netizens,

It also arouses consumers’ desire to buy.

In the live broadcast room of La Chapelle Tmall official flagship store,

The reporter noticed that

211,000 people watched on the 24th,

reached 410,000 on the 25th,

611,000 on the 26th,

Viewership continues to rise.

Before that, the number of people in the live broadcast room was often only tens of thousands.

Screenshot of the live broadcast room of La Chapelle Tmall official flagship store.

At present, the live broadcast room is launching a discount activity of “9% off for 1 piece, 8.7% off for 2 pieces, 8.5% off for 3 pieces, and as low as 7.1% off for orders”. In addition to asking about product information, many netizens will also ask “Is it really bankrupt”, “Will the goods be cheap if bankrupt”, and some netizens ask “Will there be coupons for 700 minus 600?” ”

The “full 700 minus 600” in the mouth of netizens is exactly the promotion that La Chapelle Suning’s official flagship store has been engaged in recently. Under the feverish purchase of consumers, the reporter found that there were still spot promotional goods on the evening of the 24th, most of which can only be pre-ordered. The store shipping notification said, “Due to the surge in store activity orders and the shortage of warehouse staff, the delivery time will be delayed.” ”

Screenshot of La Chapelle Suning’s official flagship store.

The fast fashion brand, once known as “China’s ZARA”, is on the verge of bankruptcy. The wild consumption in the live broadcast room in the past two days has made many netizens ridicule La Chapelle that he may not have to go bankrupt now.

“I made a wave by clearing my warehouse, and I didn’t go out of business.”

“It feels like I’m back to my roots, hahaha.”

“There is no need to liquidate and go bankrupt now.”

“In a few days it will be announced that it will not go bankrupt, and there is a sign like this.”

La Chapelle’s dilemma

It is the epitome of many domestic clothing brands,

Under the impact of e-commerce,

Some brands are slumping,

disappear from public view;

There are also some brands that successfully counterattack by riding the wind of the national tide,

For example, Li Ning, Anta.

For La Chapelle can

Revitalize and stay alive

Netizen comments are quite pertinent ↓

@师祖: It’s hard to say anything about this brand… A few years ago, he was a frequent visitor to his family, and he bought several beautiful dresses that he liked and could wear on vacation abroad, and since last year, the designer seems to have changed the style that can be seen

@东坡肉先森: high price, old style, poor quality. Only by transforming from essence can there be a way out.

@晴朗黄昏_: It is not to the design, style, and comfort of ZARA, but it is the same price as Zara.

@向着太阳迎着光: In any case, I still hope that this brand will listen to the past, after all, it is a domestic product.

Opportunities and challenges coexist,

As for whether La Chapelle can turn over against the wind,

There is still time to answer.

What do you guys think?

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