Old Beijing cloth shoes: are they really only worn by the elderly? Young people also look good in it

Most of the people who are willing to buy the bottom of the millefeuille are still middle-aged and elderly people. But for the pursuit of comfort, breathability, and foot function of shoes, who said that only middle-aged and elderly people need it?

Many young people, including me, have hot feet in the summer, and after sweating feet, they can smoke themselves when they go home with slippers. Only a pair of comfortable old Beijing cloth shoes can save my feet.

Most people do not want to wear cloth shoes, in fact, because of clothing matching problems, as a four seasons are inseparable from cloth shoes cloth shoe control, whether wearing jeans or casual pants, with cloth shoes are very good, fashion casual, the key is to be comfortable on the feet.

And now the old Beijing cloth shoes are not only this classic black, but also combined with the current trend of the style, very delicate, young people wear is also very good. The color is beautiful, and it looks youthful and beautiful when you wear it.

Like this one, the golden yellow is very beautiful, look, see, this color matching, is it a super powerful and super-fanciful feeling.

The upper is also printed with a golden dragon, and the combination of traditional elements and the classic mille-feuille sole makes these shoes look even more elegant.

This old cloth shoe can be described as a prosperous, very young old cloth shoe. Especially the heel has a red heel, which is more fashionable.

The upper is a very festive flame color, and it is very good to go to leisure with floral clothes in spring and summer! Walking and walking, fashionable dressing, daily leisure, exercise, must wear it!!!

This is a more ethnic style of the house shoes. Let’s look at the pattern and décor first, don’t say that the old Beijing cloth shoes only have one color. The traditional black is calm and atmospheric, the red is mysterious and noble, and the cyan is elegant and elegant.

In terms of craftsmanship, the pure color of the cloth is low-key, and the ink artistic conception, compared with the pure color of the housekeeper shoes, has more pyrotechnics, which is closer to life!

Old cloth shoes from the traditional black classic model, to now slowly developed to exquisite embroidery matching, sole rubber design, are in the progress of little by little.

This pair of “auspicious clouds” printed with a symbol of a beautiful totem has a profound meaning! The fabric of the upper plays a role in breathing, removing sweat, and reducing the probability of shoe odor.

These fan-style shoes boldly use a blue, yellow, blue-green color contrast design, which is vibrant and personal.

Under the high-value design, the same attention is paid to comfort, allowing you to feel the pleasure brought by the intimate design when walking, and you can match it arbitrarily on a variety of occasions!

This characteristic beggar-style old Beijing cloth shoe is a must-have item for fashionistas.

The upper is a beggarly style custom-made with fleece, which opens the door to the old Beijing cloth shoe trendy shoes. The well-designed upper breaks through the aesthetic of old cloth shoes. Unique outfit, comfortable and breathable!

Wearing this pair of shoes gives you a light foot feeling, and you won’t get tired no matter how long you walk. Even if you walk a long road, you can stand beautifully at the end of the concave shape~

The old Beijing cloth shoes for girls are also very good-looking, like this “peony embroidery” The entire upper is surrounded by pink, is there a girl’s heart explosion!

A foot of cloth shoes, the curved design of the collar, showing the graceful curve of women.

The large peony embroidery highlights the graceful atmosphere, and the color is elegant and quiet to highlight the quality. The all-rubber sole is more non-slip and wear-resistant, suitable for walking and wearing!

There is no timeless classic, only this shoe can continue your fashion charm!

No smelly feet, no stuffy feet, very refreshing in summer. The design of the buckle, simple and elegant, fashionable and atmospheric shoe shape, more fresh style. Simple style, comfortable to wear, gentle and not tired feet!

Wearing these shoes, I feel like I have returned to the Republican era. A buckle makes it more stable to wear, and you can wear fat feet, thin feet, and high instep!

Old Beijing thousand-layer soled cloth shoes should not only be exclusive to middle-aged and elderly people, cloth shoes, can also wear out of the trend, wear a sense of fashion.

I believe that one day, China’s thousand-layer nasole shoes, which have a history of 3,000 years, can one day enter the world trend stage.